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Caddyville has an inventory of 1964 Cadillac parts, pulled from several 64 Cadillacs. If you don't see the part you want listed, please email me and ask, I might have it! It is possible that the part in the picture may already be sold. It's hard to keep up with all the computer work and inventory, so please request a picture of the part or ask. We have random 1939, 1959 & 60 parts, as well as a few 61-65 parts.
  • 1959 Cadillac hubcap center, used, driver quality. Need background white paint redone and minor scratches. $19.99.
  • 1959 Cadillac Bullet Lenses new or used. $29.99 and up.
  • 64 Hubcap. Pictured is one very nice driver quality hubcap for 63 or 64 Cadillacs. I have others mostly driver quality with dings, dents or scratches. Starting at $15.00 on up depending upon condition.
  • 63 & 64 Cadillac Light Switch Bezel, this surrounds the headlight switch on the instrument cluster. Driver quality but shined up nice. $25
  • 1976 Seville Shop Manual. Complete. $75.00
  • 1965 Jacking instructions, new repro. Very nice quality, licensed by GM, $15.00.
  • 1960 AC Evaporator Coils. This probably fits 1959 and 60's. Used and untested, nice core. $25.00.
  • 1964 Power Window Motor Tested and works. Fits other early 60-67 Cadillacs and comes with big gear. I have several, must ask for left or right. $25.99.
  • 1964 Interior Door Handle. In fair condition, some pitting, used, $10
  • Water Outlet Gaskets fits 1964 Cadillacs. NOS, $1.49 each.
  • Clock fits 61-64 Cadillacs, used $15.99. I still have a couple that need to be rebuilt. Driver quality with pits and perhaps scratches. Item in picture may have been sold, but picture emailed upon request.
  • We have many 1961-1964 wheel covers (hubcaps). Mostly driver quality or better. Request picture of quality you require. Prices range from $7.50- $10.00 each.
  • Many 1960, 1963 and 64 parts available, just email what you need! It's been really tough to keep up with adding descriptions and pictures. I have parted a 64 Sedan and Coupe and have many parts available. I can email you pictures before you buy!

Die Cast Cars
  • 1950 Cadillac, Red with white top, metal body with rubber wheels. Friction style rear wheels. Quite rare, made by Leadworks. $65
  • Voodoo Highway, 3 car collection, includes 1963 Cadillac Hearse. Hearse is very rare, has flame decals. Brand new in package. Picture $29.95
  • Cadillac LMP Black Hotwheels car. On Blue card, new in package. It's a must for any age collector. Picture $.99

Cadillac Items
  • 1959 Cadillac Plate. This is a quality ceramic plate with a black & white design. Made by PTS International, Slice of Life Collection, discontinued. In the middle is the unmistakable tail section of a 59 Cadillac and around the rim is the Cadillac logo and V. Picture $15.99 plus shipping. I have several for a set.
  • 1959 Cadillac Card. Send this card to your friends, they'll know who sent it. Remind them who's driving the classiest car on the road. Blank inside. Package of 5 cards and envelopes. Picture $17.95

Cadillac Parts are available from local Cadillac Authorized Dealers, Parts retailers, auto recyclers, like the following sources:

Worldwide Parts Group is a place where individuals list their parts offering for free.

Don's Auto Parts, liquidating an obsolete auto parts store.

dBaer's A Cadillac Recycler in the state of Washington

Napa Auto Parts

Caddyville Parts Gallery:
1964 Parts with Pictures

Parts for Cadillacs for Sale
NEW... Parting out a 63 Cadillac Sixty-two, six window Sedan. The frame and undercarriage is rusted through. Had bought the car to restore it but needs more work and money than what I'm willing to spend. Already sold tranny but rest of car is up for sale. Maybe keeping engine for another project but money talks. email your requests to Jorge.
Parts cars: (2)1960 Sedans, a 1963 Hard Top Coupe, 1965 2 Door Hard Top, 1968 Sedan and 1969 Eldorado. These parts to be shipped from our east coast location in NC. email your requests to Stuart.
Cadillac Parts 53-64
53-64 Parts. Also available are 4 1959 Sevilles starting at $17,500.

Last updated 4/26/2015.


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