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My Mom had 2 different Valiants in the early 60's. Valiants were not on my radar screen until I saw a pretty green Valiant with a for sale sign. Eventually I acquired that car which was not running, from a young woman, named Patience. I did lots of research online about these cars and learned a bunch. Then I managed to revive it and bring the little green car back to life, I cleaned it up and sold it to another Valiant seeker. Since taking the Mopar path, I've met some really great Valiant fans, and found lots of helpful online links. And in the process got inspired and bought (2) 1962 Valiants, sold one as a parts car, after 4 years sold the driver green car. Bought a 61, sold that and bought a 62 Signet parts car which I eventually parted out. Right after that a friend sold me the red car so now I just have the red 60 Sedan (at the bottom of this page).
So now I'm bringing my on-the-job training and online information gathering to you. Please send me any valuable nuggets of experience or cold hard facts to share and together we can build a true community, fresh and up to date.

SOLD: Two tone mint and spring green 1962 Valiant V200 Sedan with push button automatic transmission. Daily driver type car. Has seat belts. Heat works. Upgrades include MOPAR electronic ignition and recently replaced engine which has a rebuilt tag. I removed the bench seat and put in bucket seats, donated by a 79 Volare. It sure seems roomier. Has nice frog (road toad) decorated seat covers. Another upgrade is a MOPAR rear window defroster. Blows air nicely to defog rear window. Nice driver quality car, great for a tinkerer.1962 Metallic Green Plymouth Valiant Sedan Eileen
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1962 Parts Car Plymouth Valiant Sedan James AllenThis car was sold.
This car is SOLD (to a very nice man in British Columbia, Canada)!!!
This car is for Sale. $3,500. It's a Signet Coupe Convertible, that's right, a convertible conversion. The top came from a 63 Valiant and is properly installed but needs tweeking. Priced for you to finish. Also, it has a 273 V8 engine with power steering and a 4 speed manual transmission. He had it running and driving. But it has been sitting for about 15yrs now because some moron ran into the car behind it and pushed it into the car ahead of it.The owner is a very nice old tinkerer. He loves Valiants and has a ton of parts that go with the car, extra doors, hoods, bumpers, trim, seats, etc. He had 2 other 62 Valiant parts cars. You get the whole package, trust me it's worth it. (Otherwise I wouldn't be listing it on Valiant Ville)!
1962 Plymouth Valiant V200 Signet 2 door PARTS CAR. Painted red but originally white. Parts still available include red bucket seats, hood, trunk lid, trim pieces and AM radio. Removed dash. Went to the crusher.
1960 Plymouth Valiant V200 4 door. Driver. Runs, drives and stops. Red color combination inside and out. Original bench seats, has 225ci slant six engine, 1bbl carburetor, automatic push button transmission, and heater. No radio or speaker, radio delete car. Low mileage, odometer shows 14,380 miles, so have to assume at least 114K. Classic 60 trunk lid, commonly called the "toilet seat". Very nice grill, bumpers not all bent or scratched, has all trim, paint is thin in spots. Overall needs restoration like most of the cars I find, but a very nice car to start with. One of the best runners I've come across. $2900. Email me at caddydvr at hotmail dot com.Red Valiant 1960
Just replaced brake light switch to a 64 Cadillac switch. These little cheap ones don't cut the mustard. Just had the valves adjusted, valve cover refinished, right side of engine prepped and painted, replaced the intake/exhaust, and used Australian made graphite coated manifold gaskets. Carburetor got a thorough cleaning. Other previous done chores were wire brushing the rust in the trunk, cleaning it out and repainting with rust preventer, red oxide. Rear tires are new Firestone radial tires (185R8013's) with black rims. Overhauled the cooling system with a rebuilt radiator ($350), new thermostat, new upper radiator hose, new lower hose, new 7lb.radiator cap, replaced the heater box and heater control valve and put in new coolant. New fan belt and PCV valve. Oil and filter change Jan 2010. Last owner redid brakes, I replaced brake line from master cylinder to rear axle. There is still some rust to repair. We are scheduled for the muffler shop to have the entire exhaust replaced. Here is a link to a Photo Album of this car: www.angelfire.com/wa3/caddyville/1960Valiant
I recently met another Valiant nut, Ray. His 62 Station Wagon is amazing. Interior is stunning, exterior is almost original and in really good shape. He swapped in a 360 V8 without cutting up the firewall and added disc brakes. She sounds great and has beautiful 17" wheels. Sharp, very sharp. Love that original Spring Green.
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