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The Pooka's Den!!

Welcome, all!! Step into my humble dwelling- warm yourselves before the fire, enjoy some patented Pooka Tea! ::hands you a teacup, filling it with a smile ^-^!!:: Oh, now don't be shy. What? It tastes bitter, you say? Worry not, my friend- it's simply a special brew I like to call "Robber's Tea!" Chee hee hee...

Now, while I've got you here, feel free to roam about and scope out my fan art. Suikoden, Final Fantasy- and now a few FURRIES as well- spanning anywhere from 1999 to present. Do sign my guestbook if you have the time- I'd love to hear your comments.

Enter the Galleries...

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Page last updated: 12/12/03

12/12/03 Meow.. Almost a year since last time, but Suikoden III artwork is on the way! To give you an initial taste of thing to come, feast your eyes upon LUC!!!

1/3/03 First update of the new year. Added one new piece- it's that adorable little scribbly-eyed alien of FFVIII and X fame, Pupu! SO CUTE!!

12/3/02 Added two new pics to the furries section. Working on remodeling the place as well!

7/30/02 New art, everybody!! I've recently discovered something that caters very nicely to my person... FURRY ART!! Two pieces is the extent of it as of yet, but I'm working on a few more as we speak. Please, those of you who are under 18 or easily offended, heed the warning I've placed in the Furry Gallery.

7/23/02 No new artwork yet, but that's just cuz I've been so busy making my TERRA cosplay outfit, for Shoujocon '02!! There's a link above, if you'd like to see- had to make it all myself, so I guess that's why it's justified in being here. Well, if you wanna, take a peek!!

6/10/02 Posted two more Terras in the FF6 section- hot off the press! You can take a look if you'd like.. I'm actually pretty happy with them. More to come soon- just started playing the newly translated FF4 for PSone, so I'm brimming with inspiration!

The Suikoden Fanart Ring

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