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Past Updates
Past Updates...

Well, er.. I don't know why anyone would really want to look at these, but since they were junking up my main page, I figured I'd give them a new home.. And just in case someone actually ever DID wanna read 'em, well... they're here.

5/29/02 Added the long-overdue Suiko-source requested Milia, the lady Dragon Knight. And in doing so, I've also expanded the fan art section to finally include Suiko-1 work.

5/27/02 Yay- a newly added links page! It's kinda small and crappy right now, but I'll continue to work on it. Also added an animated Luca GIF to the art page-- heeee!! He grins slyly if you look at him long enough...

5/13/02 Another update! Not a big one, but I'm still very proud to announce the arrival of The Pooka's Den Official Mascot- Kefi, in GIF form!! She's at the top of the page- isn't she just adorable?! Well, now that SUMMER BREAK is finally here (!!!) I should be posting more fanart in the very near future. Keep watching!

4/10/02 What's this?? An UPDATE?!?!? Hell has officially frozen over, folks. Yeah, I been slackin' off with this poor site- first time all year I've done anything significant to it. The update's small, but it's something. Two sketches of Flik and Viktor have been added to the Suikoden section, and one picture of myself as a wolf to Original Art. I've got quite a few little projects in the works presently- someone threaten me with severe bodily harm so I actually go and finish them!
Oh yeah-- I'm now an official member of the Suikoden Fanrart Ring! Pretty smooth, eh?

12/17/01 Waaaa... It's LAATE- 3:20 AM.. But must... post new...artwork.. Aack.. Heh- it's a new Luca Blight-- pretty cool. I'm quite pleased with it, which is actually pretty rare with me. GADDAMN, he's EVIL!!! Whoo!!

12/3/01: Man oh man, has it been a while!! Well, I've finally posted a new piece of art, done by request of (Kickass site-- GO THERE!!). It's a piccie of that sexy, sexy Stallion from Suikoden II, one of my favorite chars in the series. Definately more to come in the near future, because Christmas break is fast approaching. See ya soon!

7/24/01: Put up a fanart honoring my new most cutest RPG char, Vivi!!

6/5/01: Added Chibi Pesmerga pic to Suikoden II art and Leo Night pic to original art.

5/26/01: Just a little fine-tuning here and there- no new art though.

5/10/01: I've decided to record here what it is that I've done when I claim to have updated--heh heh heh... This time around, I added three new pieces- two in original art and one in fan art. I fixed the Luca-Hero picture, and also organized the links in the art section a little better.