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About Meee!!

Name: Shannon, named for the river Shannon in Ireland. In Gaelic, it's spelled Seanan (with some accents I think, but I forget where) and means something like "little wise one."

Nicknames: Pooka, Wolfkitten, Shanny-shan, Shanna-banana, Oneesan, Tank

Favorite Games: Well, my all-time favorite will forever hold as Final Fantasy 6- that game still makes me laugh, cry, and just have one helluva time while playing. My favorite Playstation RPG is Suikoden II- and this is actually a VERY close rival to FF6. It's an excellent game. Actually, both Suikodens are exceptional- it's a real shame that more people don't give them a try. People-- it's NOT all about the graphics- Storyline!! Characters!!! MUSIC!!!! Suikoden's got 'em all-- PLAY IT, DAMN IT!!

Hobbies: Lessee.. Drawing (obviously), playing video games, playing with my toys (heeeee), watching anime, watching/playing hockey (GO FLYERS!!!!), learning the art of the Ninja (seriously), picking fights with fans of rival teams (you're next if yer a Devils, Pens, Sabres, Sens, Wings or Rangers fan!!), listening to music, making small stuffed animals, collecting collars and leashes, changing bitmaps into jpegs.....

Fav video game good guy: Wow-- this one's a toughie... I suppose my favorite of all time- having to choose just one- would be my girl Terra, of Final Fantasy VI. She's pretty and cool and she's got green hair, a definite plus.. AND she's half Esper- how cool is that?! Urrghh- but there's also Auron from FFX and Spar of Breath of Fire II- and Luc and Clive and Mikolotov and Locke and Watari and Cid Highwind and Vincent and Gremio and AGGHH!! So many to chose from!!

Fav video game bad guy: LUCA BLIGHT!!!!! WaAAAAAA!!!! (Suikoden II) He kicks so much butt, with his pig-killin', psycho-laughing, Beast Rune-wielding self that I just can't help being absolutely crazy for him!! Now, his looks are an added bonus- hee hee heee. Tall, dark 'n... Ooohh yeeahh... But we can't forget Kefka, can we? Man-- I was so into this guy that in tenth grade I actually dressed as him for halloween... And went to school that way-- eh heh heh... Needless to say, I got MANY strange looks that day. I even scared myself. ^_^;;