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Luca says "Hoo hoo hoo....."

Genso Suikoden

Milia, Lady Dragon Knight.

Genso Suikoden 2
Luca Blight Old sketch of his profile, kinda crappy.
Luca Blight and the Hero.... HA HA HA!!!!
Luca and Jillia Blight-- Sibling Rivalry!!
Luc, the Snotty 'Lil Mage
The Hero and Nanami(Sorta a Spoiler!!)
Pesmerga Super Deformed, chibi~type!!
Stallion Racing the Wind.
Luca Blight My BEST Luca yet!!!!
Sketch of Flik
Sketch of Viktor

Genso Suikoden III

Luc: A Moment of Doubt