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WeeEEee!!! Me, cosplaying Terra!! And my (edit: now ex) boyfriend Dan, as Shadow!! And other cosplayers that I bothered for photographs!! Okay- until I can figure a better way of doing this, all the pics are gonna load up per page.. ~_~; These are the pics of me and Dan. More cosplayers can be seen by clicking the link at the bottom of this page! Hope it doesn't like make yer comp crash or anything.. ::shrinks:: Gomen!!

Me 'n Dan-- yay!!! I made my costume from scratch... Yes, it DID take a while. Dan, on the other hand, assembled his in about an hour using his ninja uniform and a bunch of my hair scarves and stuff that I'd brought over.

Me, in profile. The green hair was achieved through three cans of colored hair spray. And I bought each of the beads of the earrings and necklace individually from a specialty store... Expensive, yes, but I wanted to get it as accurate as I could.

Watch out- Shadow's coming for ya!!!

Close-up of the troubled ninja...

Me, proving to my mom that I DO, in fact, eat.

A good view of both the front and the back of my dress.


Ummm.. errr... yeah. I'm a dork.