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Hello and welcome to my humble little home for my fics! I know its not much right now, but I'm writing more all the time, so it'll grow!^_^ I must tell ya that all my fanfiction is Neoshippy, meaning romantic tension between Butch and Cassidy, my two fave rockets! However in time, some Rocketshippiness (The love of Jessie and James) will leak in there as well!

The genre of my fics is generally Action/Adventure/Romance, thus there is quite a bit of violence and tragedy in them..thats just my style.>_< So no hate mail about it, kay? I'm a sensitive gal...

Feedback is also extremely important to me, so if you could drop me an email or even leave something in the guestbook, that would be super! Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy the fics!


*Last updated: March 22, 2000*
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*And then there was one*
Ack! My first sucky short fic...feel free to skip over this one...>_<

*And Then There Was One: The Revision*
FINALLY, I have made this something I can be proud to say is my work! A VAST improvement from the one above, lemme tell ya that!(And 100x sadder too!^^;;)

*Forever with You*
This is the prologue to "The Price Of Love!" It sets the stage for the subsequent events. I rather like this one *teehee* ^_^

*The Price Of Love*
My first major fic, a work in progress. What happens when someone dares to defy Giovanni, head of Team Rocket? @_@ Action-packed...

*Only a Dream*
A short little POV piece that I wrote for my buddy Musashi! She's got one from Cass's POV and I hope to get that up soon! In the meantime...enjoy this!

*The Updates!*
Check here for past and present page updates!^_~

*Coming Soon....*
Ack..find out about my future projects..^^;;

Just a few webrings I've joined! Check em out!^_^

*Neoshipper Fan Fics*
Come here for Neo fanfiction sent in to me from other fans like you! ^_^

*I Adopted*
Kawaii little guys that I have adopted from various places...^_______^

Like the title says..just a few disclaimers!

*Message Board*
Just drop me a note in here and come in to converse about our fave couple, Butch and Cass!!

Some Team Rocket links that I suggest you check out!^_~

This is were the cute little rewards that I recieve go...Thanks to all..*sniffle* ^_^


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