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Wondering exactly what writing projects I'm up to these days? Here are a few brief teasers of some fics coming up in the very near future!^^ There many be many or none up here depending whether I am experiencing idea "feast or famine" so check back often!^^

The Price Of Love: Part Four-
Well, this may be the most anticipated installment of the "POL" saga as of yet, probably due to that fact that ALL QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED! It will be the complete tie-in between "Forever with You" and "POL:P1" as well as answering the questions such as 'What happened when Butch and Cass returned to headquarters?', 'Why DID Butch try to assasinate Giovanni?' and probably the biggest of all, 'Why the heck is Cass still alive?????' So this will be a looooooon chapter, natch! Therefore it will be a while yet till it is finished, especially since I am working on different projects as well! So if ya wanna see this soon, just say so!^_^

*Untitled Fic*
ACK! Due to my lack of talent when it comes to naming things, this one doesn't have a name yet...but it will! I promise! This is a one-shot that emphasizes the strong bond between pokémon and trainer! Rather sad(and Neoshippy as well, natch!) It is coming along quite nicely, so I should have it for ya soon!^_^

*And Then There Was One....the whole story*
After recieving several inquiries about how the heck this all happened..I may write the rest! I intended it to be a one-shot at first, with no resolution or make people think about it. But people only want more...^^;; So I MIGHT write the rest...but only if people want to see it, to have all their questions answered...


Now here is where YOU readers all help me! I need to know which of these ideas sound the most interesting and compelling for you to read! That will help me know which to spend the most time on and such...PLEASE vote?^^ Thanks!


JLJ's Future Fics

Which of these would you prefer that I finish first?

*The Price Of Love: Part 4*
*Untitled Fic*
*And Then There Was One...the complete story..*

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