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*Neoshippers FanFiction Library*

Welcome to my Neoshippers FanFiction Library! Here I showcase romantic fics about my two fave Rockets! I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to send in your own stories about them! Please send to I am willing to accept stories as long as B&C are in them somewhere. However there are a few rules....

1.Please put a rating on your story so readers will know what to expect.

2.I will not accept stories in which Cassidy and Butch do nasty and perverted things to Ash Co or Team Rocket.That's a definite no-no. NO EXCEPTIONS!

3.Please proofread your story well (including spell check), before sending it in. I am rather a perfectionist when it comes to those sorts of things!

4.I would really appreciate it if these fics were mostly Neoshippy...cause there are so few fics out there dealing with that! ^__________^;; Those are always my faves *hint hint*

I hope to see some of your fics!:)


Fanfiction by Charmander Gurl

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*A Night Without Stars*
I... like this fic!!!! Neoshippiness....^_^ Plus it has THE best explaination for Butch's voice I have ever seen... an awesome work...READ IT, PEOPLES!

Fanfiction by Joelle

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*Forever and a Day*
A sad, but very well written little ficcie by Joelle... *sob* I hightly recommend it... very sweet... *sniff*

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