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Febuary 22, 2000

Okay, some changes! For one, I have finally put up the Neo fics by other writers! (Whew!) I know I onlyhave one up at the moment, but that will soon be fixed, believe you me...^^ Send me in peoples! You got em, I want em! ^_^

Second... go to the PoL section for a new suprise! Just remember... its only a little bitsy piece...*sighs*

Also, I've done a lot more color organizing in some sections, so hopefully that will be all done soon and I can move on.. to Tables! Yee-Haw!

Till Next Update!


January 27, 2000

*coughcough* Well... if ya haven't noticed a change yet... you must be colorblind! 0_0 Uh... as you notice a new color sceme and a WONDERFUL header pic by Musashi! WHOO-HOO!! *huggles Sashi* Thank you so much!!!! ^_^_^_^ This would not have been possible without ya! ^___________^

If you think THIS is different, just wait till ya see the next step to the remodeling! That won't happen tho until I finish turning all the pink to white....ARGH...X_X..

Until Next Update!


January 16, 2000

Well, no new fics today! ^^;; But I have added a new link in my links page..(where else, right? ^_~) and two new adoptions! Hopefully tonight I shall do some heavy-duty work on that page for neoshipper fics other than mine! ^_^ Must... do... that....>_<

Also...^_______________^ LP is getting a new look! Thats right! My buddy, Musashi is making some images for it and I hope to get those up soon! They should be REALLY swell, judging from those on her other two pages that I have linked! (Go check 'em out! You know you wanna! ^_~)

Till next update!


January 10, 2000

Well... lack of updates I know. And I'm sorry... holidays and all, the big Millenium bust...etc.etc.etc.>_< So I've been busy...

As for updates, I have added a new untitled ficcie! Go read that! And now for a little disclaimer... I DO NOT HATE BUTCH'S VOICE! There... I have recieved a few questions about that, so I'm just clearing that up. I just tried to honestly put myself in his place, nothing against him or his voice! (I love em both!)

As for the POL P4... that may be prosponed due to circumstances beyond my control... more info on it as it unfolds.

Till next update!


December 6th, 1999

Uh.....*blushes* Lack 'O updates I know.... thats my bad I'm afraid! Buuuuuuuuuuut- one will be pleased to know that I have got up POL P3... so go... check that out! I haven't had a chance to revise it yet, so its still up in its origional form....^^;; But, I will do that soon, I'm still hot from working on my untitled fic and POL P4 (which is a MASSIVE task, if I haven't already implied that to death...)

Also, there is a new reward up in the Gifts/Awards section...*tee hee* YAY! Gotta love dose.... ^__________^;;

And I would also like to take this time to say that I'm sorry if you have emailed me and I haven't responded back yet...I'm not completely heartless just to let ya know... It's all that school crap...@@;; I WILL get back to ya about it ASAP, so don't you fret none! I appreciate every single email that I recieve, so don't forget that!!!!! ^^

A new feature of LP that I may implement soon, is an area for people to send in any Neoshippy fics that you guys may like...(I LOVE EM!) So look for that soon... I think I may do that, yep yep yep!!!!

Till next update! (Which won't be long...hopefully..^^;;)


November 21st, 1999

*sweatdrops* Well, I feel a little bit better today about my work. I did a few cool updates. For one, I got up the 'POL' part two and the illos to that. FEEDBACK, PLEASE?

Also I got up a Gifts/Awards section that already has an award in it! ^_____^

I may get a new link up tonight as well, to one of my fave TR sites..."Romantic Interlude!" ^_^ You guys must check that out and sign her guestbook! ^_~

I appreciate that I have recieved a little more feedback lately... I'll try not to do anything rash..

November 19th, 1999

Well... I don't have much to say except for this.. I have been seriously thinking of quitting fanfic writing for quite awhile now. I don't know why, but lately I haven't felt like many people actually like it. True I have recieved more feedback lately.. but... I dunno if I'm selfish or what, but I just feel like not many people really like it that much...

Perhaps if I recieve more feedback I may reconsider, but other wise....>_<

Till Next Update? Who knows...>_<


November 19th, 1999

*groans* No much of an update really today..-_- I finally fixed the link to my fanart, so now everyone, regardless of whether they have Netscape or Internet Explorer can now see it. *whew*

Besides that I added a link to my link section.

Over this week I have been working on the revision to "The Price Of Love: Part Two" but it is not quite finished, therefore I can't put it up. And because I don't have that up I can't up the illos for the story that a friend made for me either....>_< *has...headache..* I will get this part up and the arts up on Sunday most likely, if not tonight...I'm going to go at it! So...soon...soon... ^_^

Until next update! ^_^


November 14th, 1999

Okay, once again, no new fics, but I will definetly get up the second part of the "POL"(the revision) next weekend...YIPPEE! Oy, going back and fixing your own work is indeed humbling...--;;

I got up the links page(finally!). A few links now, but after I do some scouting, I'll find more!

Also in the adoptions page, there is a little spirit flower that my friend Charmander Gurl sent me...^^

I forgot to mention last update that I added a Message Board as well for people to go post at! So, I hope to see some of THAT going on!

*hugz* Just another thanks to the kind peoples giving me feedback! It is MAJORLY appreciated, each one of you!

Till Next Update!^^


November 9th, 1999

Okkkkkkkkkay....*sigh* Today I have finally added a little ficcie!^^ Just a preview for POL P4, just to let you know that I'm still working on it!!^^ The date it is due to be done..umm.. won't be for an while...but..its getting there!^____^;; Feedback, kay?^^

I have also added a few new webrings! Soon I will be racking up the hits! (I wish!) ^^;; I must stress that the most important part of this fanfic writing to me is feedback..without it I can't function... DON'T KILL MEEEE!*collapses*

*looks up after a few seconds* There..if that won't win an oscar, I don't know what will!^^

Okaies, I need more votes for my "Coming Soon" section! Its all tied up right now, make you're vote known!!!

Okay, I hope to soon have an link section, and an BB look out for those!

Yay! The Pokémon movie comes out this Friday! Heh, I can't wait to go see it....^________^

Till Next Update!


October 27,1999

Okies! No fics today, but I've added a few new sections, (as you may have noticed!^_~) including Fan Art, Webrings and a place to showcase a few of the cute lil buggers I've adopted around the net!^^

POL Update!: Well, I am cruising right along it seems, so it shouldn't be TOO long hopefully. I think that I will separarate them into two parts..cause they are just so durn long! AUGH!

But anyways..hopefully I'll have something for ya'll to check out this weekend, kay?^_^ Have a great Halloween!*Although JLJ is doing nothing but stay home and eat candy...^^;;*


October 24,1999

GAH! I did update on the 17th, but I forgot to say so here..(I was a tad pressed for time...^^;;) Anywho, for THAT update I added a revision to my first little ficcie, "And Then There Was One" (Much MUCH sadder BTW) and another section called "Coming Soon, "just to inform everyone what some of my new projects are and such...

OKAY, for THIS update, I have taken down the second and third parts of "The Price of Love" *avoids rotten produce thrown at her* and have totally "tweaked" the first part and that is up...*whew* I am fixing the second and third parts, making them flow better, so expect that soon. PLUS I am working on the fourth, MASSIVE part...its gonna come out to about 20000 words I it may be awhile..unless I split that up, then part of it may come knows?^^

Thanks to everyone who has signed my guestbook, *hugz* and I would also appreciate it much if you guys would answer the poll in the "Coming Soon" section..just to give me an idea of what you guys would like to see sooner... Sections coming up soon include an "Fan Art" section, and perhaps a few mini-shrines for my favorite characters..(mainly..Butch?^________^), a links section and a few other happy little things like that.. Till later!^^


October 6th, 1999

The Grand Opening of this site! Whoo-hoo!^_^ All my fics are up so far, but look out for perhaps some other sections like a B&C message board!^_^ Suggestions would be very nice as well!^^ I have been writing constantly for the last few days so expect Part Four to the "Price Of Love" soon as well as a few other things...

Till next update!