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*And Then There Was One..*

*And Then There Was One*

*By: JLJ*

*Warning: Extreme sadness..*sniffle*

*Summary: Butch and Cass say their final goodbyes....*



Cassidy's heart pounded with fear as she came upon the still, crumpled form of her partner. She feared the worst as she knelt beside his silent body, putting her head to his strong chest. She desprately listened for a heartbeat. Her efforts were not in vain, but his pulse was very faint. She pushed Butch's blue-green hair out of his face as she lifted his head to clear his airway better.

Butch stirred at Cassidy's gentle touch. He opened his eyes and gave her a weak smile, hoping to reassure her. But he knew that it wasn't long now. "Oh Butch!" Cassidy said with joy, at seeing Butch's smile. "I thought you were...." She stopped short, not wanting to say it.

Butch weakly reached for her hand, but was too exhausted to make it more than halfway there. Cassidy reached out and put her small, sleek hand in Butch's larger one. He smiled at this and gave her hand a little squeeze.

The cloudy sky above released a rain shower on the two. But they didn't even notice. Cassidy sat with Butch's head cradled in her arms. With every passing second she could feel the life draining from his body. Cassidy's thin frame shook with sobs as she realized that only she would be returning to Team Rocket Headquarters again.

Butch struggled to speak, so Cassidy raised his head so he could look straight into her beautiful violet eyes. "Cass....I.....I......" Butch's voice grew more raspy as he gasped for breath. Cassidy gazed into the depth's of his own deep brown eyes and saw the message of love for her where his words had failed. He loved her.

Cassidy's eyes sent back a message of love of her own. She held onto Butch for dear life, as if willing him to stay with her so they could be together forever....but it was not to be.

Butch was fading fast, so Cassidy raised his head so that he could look into her eyes. "Butch.." she began, voice cracking. "I just want you to know that...I love you..." With her heart breaking, she broke down into deep sobs. A pool of tears dripped for Cassidy's eyes, mixing with the raindrops on her face. Butch used his last ounce of strength to brush off her tears with his gloved hand and quietly whisper, "I love you!"

She closed her eyes and slowly leaned over. Her lips met Butch's own, and for a few moments they shared their first kiss. It was all over too quickly, when she looked up at her fallen partner once more. He closed his eyes and softly exhaled his last breath.

Her tears falling freely, she held him close one last time before setting his fragile body back on the ground. "He gave his life for me..." Cassidy thought sadly. She kissed him one more time on his wet lips and laid down next to him, her head on his chest again.

She could hear the police sirens off in the distance..coming closer every minute. But she no longer cared. She only wept for her partner. Her Best Friend. Her Soulmate.


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