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Monday, August 13, 2001

So much has been happening right now that I will probably leave some things out that I will have to address later. But first things first! I am almost ready to launch my Blogger on my own site. So far I have kept it private and have just been exploring the ability to automatically update written information, ala a diary.

Part of my problem is that I have to consider my public persona. There are issues regarding a public diary, even when your audience is limited to your friends. Most writing is presented with a fair amount of editing and processing. Much of what you will find here is raw and unedited. Eventually, with some practice, I think this diary will be quite useful to many of my friends, as well as myself.

Just some high points from the past few days:

This past week has been one for catching up with Summer Blockbuster Movies. Thursday found me taking my friend Carolyn out to see “Moulin Rouge”, which I’ve already seen once. It is still schmaltzy, but I found I was able to cry at all the sad parts, so I believe it remains in my mind a flashy, imperfect fable. Carolyn and I both agree that Ewan McGregor carries the film with his charm.

Friday I joined Purple Mark at the Egyptian for “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. I’d gone to the local production of this at the Re-bar with Carolyn, last winter and wondered, when I heard it had been made into a movie, if it would translate to the screen at all. My fears were unfounded, because it carries off its very odd story extremely well, utilizing animation, music and cinematic license to create a story of self-examination and discovery. Because “Hedwig” deals with ideas surrounding identity and gender it is not a story that everyone will understand, but I think the message it carries is very important to modern society and our youth centered culture.

Before the movie, Mark demonstrated a new tool of his, which, I hope will usher him into the digital age. It will allow him to experiment with color and form in an immediate way. I hope to post his results online soon.

After the movie, Mark and I, perhaps foolishly on my part, visited Rosebud for a late evening aperitif. They have a selection of specialty drinks that we sampled from. Mark decided on a “lemon drop” and I had a “blue valium”, for obvious reasons (my blue hair, for those of you who need an explanation). I carried on telling Mark my plans for a future art movement with him as the godhead. I am sure he thought I was very full of myself, but I do believe he is genius.

Saturday found me lacking sleep and I know I was not doing well at work. Even so, Carolyn and I took in another movie at the Meridian 16 Odeon Cineplex. This time it was “The Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within”, an extravaganza of exquisite high-end computer animation. Afterward we had a delightful late dinner at Dragonfish, sampling their delicious Lychee Mango Cobbler with Banana Ice Cream: exquisite!

Sunday I joined Carolyn, Mark, Nancy and William at Charlie’s on Broadway for our weekly brunch. Nancy has a new love interest in her life, so I hung out afterward, hearing her version of the story (I’d heard a prequel from Carolyn Saturday night). I rode with her downtown so I could pick up some peroxide bleach for my hair. My friend Linda had sent me a note inquiring about my well being, so I called and made an appointment to meet for dinner today.

I spent the rest of the afternoon re-dying my hair, blue still. Then I went off to The Vogue where I’ve been hanging with Purple Mark since this spring every Sunday for Fetish night. We’ve started regularly sitting with Craig, who I’ve known by sight for many years, but only recently have met and talked to extensively. I am tempted to talk about him further, but I doubt that would be fair. If you want more details about him you will have to contact me for a private email.

I need to return some CDs to the Public Library, which has moved to a temporary location in the Convention Center and much closer to my apartment. I think I will be checking out more materials now. Also I need to set up this Blogger, which I plan to do next although it is already Two o’clock. Time flies.


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