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Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Big, big day. So big it is now tomorrow. Jennifer, the manager at City People's Merchantile called me today to offer me the job. I hope I can inform Beverly and Julie Watkins at Community Psychiatric Clinic. It would not be practical for me to work two jobs if I can help it. They have offered a position for 40 hours, which would be advantageous for me to take but I'm not obliged to follow through with.

Anyway, I am writing this so late because I got off the phone with L******* C****** a while ago. He is up to his old tricks again. He wants me to kow-tow to his dream of a committed relationship and yet any time I bring up any inconsistencies in his logic he changes the subject. I don't see any reason in encouraging his delusions further.

My next door neighbor, Matt called me up and interrupted the conversation. Thank you, Matt!


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