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Sunday, August 12, 2001

I've been avoiding the internet as much as possible for several reasons, one of which is the current heat wave. I still haven't figured out how to Blog to my own web site, but I have been talking to all my web page clients about it in the hopes that I will find the necessary motivation to apply Blog’s usability for their needs. It could happen.

Work is a big drain, but I am intending to cut back my hours in September. I need to reacquaint myself to my ambitions, so that I can push on through this low period. Yes, I am emotionally depressed. William, today at brunch, described it as being “calmer”. I laughed and pointed out that even that was a calculated pose.

The other thing is that I am not going to Burning Man. This is not making me happy, but I am not exactly sad either. BM is a big project and I already have plenty of projects currently. Writing is coming along, and I know I won’t become derailed this time. I am writing to someone important, and the act of writing my novel suffuses the emotions in that relationship, so it is more tolerable.

Otherwise, I am just fine.


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