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Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Oooh, scariness again. I am cutting too close to my financial bone. I do have the Ebay auctions up and running. The more expensive auction has eight bids already. I took myself to see Greta Garbo's first American silent film, "The Torrent", where she plays a Spanish Opera Diva. Fabulous!

This is what I want my Blogger to be about: the culture I take in, not my finances or my personal struggles to find myself. I figure the other stuff will seep through without my wallowing in it. I was chatting with Steven Heaston earlier and writing to him some good stuff about the film. Next time I will have to have the presence of mind to capture the conversation for recreation here online. Dennis also chatted me up for a short time. I promised him I'd tell him more about the film, so...note to myself, write more about the silent film you saw, okay, okay. Now get to bed. Night, night.


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