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Monday, June 27, 2005

Bruce and I moved the last of my belongings out of storage and into the garage last week. This is a step in the right direction, partly because I've patched a $56/month hole in my finances and I soon will have access to my books which has been difficult over the past year. With the completing of the day room/breakfast nook adjoining the kitchen we now have more room in the upstairs office where we've placed the grey metal file cabinet so I have a place to store important paperwork. Bruce has agreed to set up my roll-top desk in the main entryway so I will soon have another place to sit and work, right now I've been enjoying sitting at the table in the day room. Our goal is to reclaim the living room for living and the dining room for dining again, because they have been used for storage all winter. There is a lot of organization to do because Bruce has lots of items he intends to place on Ebay currently in the living and dining rooms, which will have to be boxed, organized and stored in the garage until as such time we sell them. Oi!
Meanwhile I'm working on my novel playing around with the outline so that I will have a goal with my writing. If you are interested in finding out what I'm doing here I'm happy to share, as long as you promise to give some positive feedback, in other words anything negative is backed up by specific critisisms. Just telling me "its great" is not positive feedback because that is not backed up by specific items. I'm looking for continuity issues and reality checks. Also, I'm looking for objective criticism from people unfamiliar with Science Fiction and Fantasy stories, so if you care about what I write and don't think SF&F is your game I still want your opinions and advice. I have to say I've never been more excited about my writing than I am right now.