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Thursday, December 02, 2004

a move and a beginning

For those of you who I have not personally corresponded with, I would like to introduce you to my LiveJournal at LiveJournal.com. If this link does not work for you, I'm using my same online name of "Volpane" there, so it shouldn't be difficult for you to find it using search.

I've been planning to encorporate my LiveJournal here on my web page and for those of you who care, I have my domain www.volpaneinlove.com now so eventually there will be some new consolidation of my online exploits in the future.

Right now I need to settle into my new digs here on Vashon Island. Yes, I've moved from Seattle after living in the heart of the city for seven years. I've very happily settled down with Bruce, a gentleman who owns a one-hundred-year-old farm house. I doubt I will loose touch with my friends in town as I've found myself going back and forth nearly every week. I may need to be more communicative with them (as if I couldn't be any more communicative).

I handed in my keys on Monday about 5:50, bidding the El Capitan adieu. It was odd seeing the apartment with the recently [last February] painted orangy-pink walls all exposed. Same kind of oddness that I've been experiencing coming into Seattle for classes. No longer can I count myself as a denizen of this fine metropolis, and yet I've only moved my belongings across the water. Somehow my heart still lingers between the tall buildings and somewhere along the streets. I can say it brings me some sadness that I will no longer be able to chart the changes on the street. But this move feels right.

Bruce and I moved the last of my belongings into the storage locker we rented today. Although there are some things I've brought to the house, for the moment most of what I own is contained in a 6x10x10 square and I plan on reducing that as much as possible. If I hadn't needed to move so quickly I would have taken more time to dispose of it all.

Oh well, the Vashon thrift store will get a new infusion of foreign clothes and furniture. Ebay is the potential spot for the rest that has remaining value. In between, I hope to scrap and bind the bits of paper that I tend to collect into scrapbooks and blank journals for resale. What is left are chotckes and nick-nacks that may have to be incorporated into curio boxes a la Joseph Cornell, something I've always wanted to do as an art project.


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