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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I started taking classes this fall at Seattle Central. I'm just focusing on basics, so I'm taking an english class and another in algebra. The algebra class is too easy and I'm running into the low self-confidence issues that prevented me from finishing any of the other English 101/Composition classes I took over ten years ago when I first attempted college. Everyone I know expresses surprise that I should encounter difficulty writing, my being something of a wordy intellectual. What they don't know is that I can only write in spurts when the moment moves me which is not very often. When I try to write any other time it comes out as drek. I will only be successful writing when I can teach myself to write no matter what, then when the moment strikes I'll already be writing.

I'm also still gardening on Vashon Island. There is no end to the things that need to be done for winter. Bruce has been helping me to put up a greenhouse and so far we have a foundation set. As soon as we have the winter wood we just bought, cut and put away, then we will have more time to put up the walls. I have a bunch of seeds to start in February and I'm really excited. We have several beds we are wanting to put in.

In September I made a bed out beside the garage with the rose bushes Bruce acquired this spring and filled it in with iris and tulip bulbs. In the spring when the garage is not overshadowing that bed, I think it should look spectacular. I've been filling it in with other plants, some poppies, marigolds and geraniums. I'll have to dig up the marigolds and geraniums and winter them in the green house but they will like the bed next spring, I think.

I've also been planning the garden around the fountain. I replanted a bunch of bulbs that were scattered in various beds and placed them in front of the fountain and am now in the process of placing several plants that will be taller behind the fountain. I'm not exactly sure of the plants but they put on various white bell flowers which are very pretty. There are also some lilies and foxglove.

The impatiens I planted under the cedar tree near the front of the house have all died back, in fact they almost look like something has defoliated them all. I'm hoping that they will reseed next year but I have other things to put in there next year if they don't. Also, if I can get my hands on some impatiens seed I definitely want to try to cultivate them again. They are very pretty in the front and I might try to fill the narrow bed between the path and the front porch with them.

It will be easier to see what has been happening with photos and someday I will post them here. I'm still trying to figure out where I'm storing the files.