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Sunday, May 11, 2003

My birthday party and other gatherings

I celebrated the start of my thirty-eigth year last weekend (I turned thirty-seven). I packed several people into my tiny apartment and there were about four shifts of people coming and going. I believe a good time was had by all.

I started the day with my friend Frank, who I'd been helping the previous evening move some belongings from the garage at his old apartment in Crown Hill to donate at the Value Village out there. We'd been too late to get everything donated so this morning we did that, but first I wanted to pick up some more supplies for the party and we diverted to the HUGE Fred Meyer's in Ballard. It was so out of the way that you wouldn't know it was really there unless you stumbled on it, but sure enough we found this HUGE warehouse like store, which included a Starbucks complete with cute shy boy behind the counter...we talked to a woman at the counter but cute boy lurked enough for us to discreetly check out while we sipped our coffees.

Anyway, the donation went quickly and I drove Frank up to my apartment where he graciously offered to wash dishes and greet the first shift of guests at two, while I returned the truck. So I was late showing up, unfortunately, but Tom and Allen, two friends I introduced to Frank because they collect old 78s, had already arrived. They were very gracious and gave me a wonderful history of silent film [Silent Stars, by Jeanine Basinger, pub. by Knopf]. They had to be off soon and they didn't stay for very long, but just behind them arrived some of my friends from work.

Angelika and Casstinna showed up bearing cream filled Krispy Kreme doughnuts with Robin, the executive assistant trailing behind. Angelika working in accounting and Casstinna is the head receptionist at the psychiatric clinic where I work. Robin brought me a book [Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach, by Mary Lee LaBay, pub. by Pelican Pub Co.]. At work she'd told me she'd been working part-time as a hypnotherapist before she took the executive assistant position at CPC. Casstinna and Angelika had asked me to do a Tarot reading before so I offered to do a general reading for the party. I used the new tarot deck that had been given me by the administrative team at work called The Crystal Tarot, published by Llewellyn. Angelika needed to move her car so once I'd finished the reading she and Casstinna left but Robin stayed for a little while longer.

Maxwell showed up and then Purple showed next, announcing the arrival of the third shift. Robin met Purple and then excused herself. I'm beginning to forget details around who arrived but the room began to quickly fill up when Craig and Simon showed around four. Craig brought very good dark chocolate, and Simon brought me a little fat Buddha statue which has been bringing me joy ever since I discovered where he'd placed it on my computer stand. Very thoughtful gifts indeed! Judy and Billy showed up bringing tea from the Tulip festival. Then Carolyn arrived bearing strawberries and champagne.

My landlord, that is "the man who owns the building" Al Hendricks, showed up around seven thirty to see how things were getting along. He promptly announced that he didn't like being referred to as landlord because he doesn't like to lord over anybody. I am duly corrected. Al didn't stay for a drink, insisting that his wife was waiting for him at home. I'm glad he stopped in though, it is very neighborly of him.

Eventually the party started winding down. Maxwell had to work in the morning. I think and Judy and Billy had other things to do that evening. I eventually announced that my plan was to go out later that evening, so more people took their leave. Maximilian showed up bearing incense and licorice root tea, then Trent presently showed up with Lewis. Trent brought a CD of dance music.

I got dressed to go out with Max opting for my shiny silver pants and silver tinsel shirt. Trent and Lewis insisted I wear the Krispy Kreme hat that Casstinna had scored for me. After bidding Frank, Trent and Lewis adieu, Max and I went up to the Capital Hill Arts Center on Twelfth Avenue.

The space was well organized and there seemed to be art installations and Butoh dance performance along with the visuals and live performers. In one room there were several people playing thumb harps and drums while Reiki massage was being performed. I hung out there and managed to add an element to my command word "focus", now when I tell myself to "focus" I can hear thumb harps which assists me in returning to that peaceful state of mind I encountered that evening.

I happened to run into a former co-worker, Helen, that night, who'd been performing as one of the Butoh dancers. She was performing with two other people a young man and another woman. They carried fans, huge white fans, and all wore green lame' sheath dresses. Helen had done her hair up in little braids that she'd wrapped with green tinsel pipecleaners. I thought she looked a bit like Medusa. It was great talking to her because she was so energized by the dancing and kept laughing out loud. I have to say I really like her and think she is an amazing person. I met her because of her work at the chemical dependency program at the agency where I work.

Max and I were pretty exhausted by the time we left the Center. We retired to my place and I invited him to crash on my bed. It was a very satisfying experience.


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