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Thursday, January 30, 2003

It can seem difficult to dissolve the ego when discussing relationships. And yet, the nature of relationship, of relating to someone else is a pure form of connection that does not involve ego or id. The pure essences of Buddhism: wisdom, morality and concentration; are the things that can connect us to each other in that pure essential form. There is nothing more ful-filling, more dissatisfaction-shattering, more suffering-relieving than a pure connection with another spirit.

At the same time, there is nothing more common and mundane than grasping at that connection. The only way to keep the magic alive in a relationship is by continually being in a state of letting go, of setting free, of releasing. These are deep and profound truths that I have realized with the help of many friends, but mostly through the help of Chris Crounse, Ryan Larsen, and Maximillian Sanchez. These three men are inspirational gurus to me. I cannot thank them enough for all the good they have done me. I only hope I can help them similarly. Perhaps I already have.


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