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Friday, January 03, 2003

Happy New Year!

The year has turned and I've been having a blast up here in Vancouver. The only thing missing is my Skater-Pie. He spent New Year's Eve with his friend Ruckus, which I'm happy they were able to share together. I spent the time with Chris Weeks and Rick Bellairs, who Skater-Pie introduced me to this summer. We've been trading stories back and forth and really enjoying each other's company. They are very special people and I am so grateful to CC for introducing me to them.

These two men have been sharing their lives together for so long that I cannot help but be inspired by their love and consideration for each other. I have learned such valuable lessons from them and they have listened quietly to my stories learning what they can from me. It will be very hard for me to return to Seattle and my life there knowing that just across the border there are special people living such fulfilling lives.

But it gives me hope for my future. I have discovered I have a talent for reading Tarot cards. I've been studying the Book of Thoth, a unique version of the Tarot developed by Crowley and I now see how I can further my interest by including what I know and have learned from various and disparate people into my readings. I even have an idea for a new design for my front page, although I have one more addition to the front door that I intend to implement as soon as I return to Seattle. In the meantime, I am looking to spend some time today writing on my novel. yeah! Vancouver is very good to me. I would very much like to live here someday. I will have to come up with the right combination of living situation and continuing creative job.


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