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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

I think I've come down to earth this weekend. Since the first of the year I've been channeling fire energy and my life has been full of the little surprises. It is difficult to elaborate here, but most of the surprises have to do with this channeled energy. For example, I've been doing a fair amount of Tarot readings and I'm finding I seem to have a knack for doing them for other people. As a result, my personal readings have become opaque and complex, leaving me with a sense of mutable airy-ness. I feel like I'm just here in the present and my future, although rife with possibility, is merely an illusion of the moment. Who knows what will happen next.

My friend Ryan is coming over tonight to conduct another guided meditation, similar to the one we conducted a week ago. That one was very interesting and I found myself in a very suggestible state afterwards. Several things he said to me sunk in quite deep and I found myself referring back to them. The best thing that has developed from this is that Ryan will be taking a course to get a state licesnse. I'm hoping I can help him achieve his dream of becoming a hypnotherapist.


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