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Saturday, January 12, 2002

Mark Dacascos

Welcome to Cybertown - Civilization for the Virtual Age

Last night, I saw a movie with my brunch friends, "Brotherhood of the Wolf" was very fun and very French, subtitles no less. Lots of handsome people in period costume, there's even several scenes in a brothel that is very choice with all the "fetish" period wear. Unfortunately it all goes by so fast. And Mark Dacascos, the man who plays the Mohawk Indian, was quite fascinating to watch fighting, especially during the latter half of the movie when he goes "native" and wears nothing more than his loincloth despite being covered in tattoos. The actor has starred in the Crow television series and several movies featuring him showcasing his Kung Fu moves.

I've also been logging into Cybertown since reading "Snow Crash" and my friend Tweek suggested it as a similar interface. They give you virtual money and you are allowed to spend it on virtual objects to furnish a virtual home. So far, I've set up a home, but I've not really met too many people there: Volpane's Victorian


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