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Monday, January 07, 2002

Lady Blue


Happy New Year...sorry for being almost a week late with this, I've been busy.

SHOWTIME - Queer As Folk

Brunch was a little different Sunday because Jason Styles attended before he went to work at Virginia Mason. He's a friend of Carolyn's and Purple Mark's from Billings, MT. No one else showed up which is not always odd, just Carolyn, myself, Purple and Jason.

After brunch yesterday Purple and I visited with Alex, who is a hair dresser who also attends brunch on the rare occasion and sets wigs for Mark sometimes. We ended up watching some terrible kick boxing movie...not my taste usually, but seeing "buff dudes" punch each other out was oddly appealing. A friend of Alex's came over to use the phone, whom I believe I met briefly once at Alex's house, but I'm forgetting his name again...Ted, Travis some "t" name...sorry. After a bit Purple and I left and headed to our respective homes.

I made an attempt to pick up my apartment, respond to email and pick out an outfit for the Vogue that evening. Carolyn was hosting a get together first for viewing "Queer As Folk" on Showtime...this will probably be the most television I will watch all year. So I looked in my spare cabinet, as I could not bring anything really sweet or savory, and picked out an unopened box of Twinings Earl Grey, which I thought would be perfect, since I'd drunk all of her Earl Grey before and she'd not seen fit to replace it yet.

As it was, it was not a tea night. Carolyn had chocolate chip cookies, crackers, breadsticks guacamole and pesto. Ray brought wine, champagne and chicken wings: KFC hot 'n spicy and QFC teriyaki. Judy brought apricot oatmeal cookies. Nancy brought herself, contributed some finances to the feast and I brought the tea, which was not made, although I am sure it will come in handy when I come over again.

Attention, QAF spoilers follow...

The show followed through with what was set up on the finale of last season's show. Jason was recovering from a coma and in physical therapy, Brian was visiting him every night but only while he slept because he was too wracked with guilt to face him. Michael comes home because David tells him to leave Portland. Ted and Emmett escort Lindsay and Melanie to Lindsay's sister's third wedding. Naturally Melanie whines the whole way, Ted gets hit on by straight women and Emmett takes home the best man, but Lindsay really takes the cake when she asks Melanie to marry her while toasting the bride and groom. Lindsey's uptight relatives are beside themselves, but Melanie manages to resist an answer. Jason tracks down Brian and they start to put their friendship back together. Meanwhile, Debbie is organizing a protest around the court hearing of Jason's would-be gay basher. The judge is lenient. Brian gets back at the judge by gluing him to the seat of the john where he always takes a dump at noon everyday. Then Jason's Mom tells Brian he's too much of a bad influence and insists that he never see her son again.

Next week, Ted looses his job and Brian has to confront Jason with his mother's admonition.

I went to the Vogue for only a short time. Purple was pretty much done dancing. James and Alex (or "Walex", to distinguish him from the other Alex) were there, but I have to admit I wasn�t involved in their conversation. Purple said that Craig was home sick with the flu. I walked Purple home and then crawled home myself.

Unfortunately, today has been grey and uneventful.


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