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Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Something written in an email about last Saturday's adventures:

Have you ever had a dream where you are at a party and everyone is familiar and all the rooms are familiar and you know where everything is and everyone is friendly including the people in the hot tub and talking to you like you were the host of the party and you go around talking to people and introducing yourself as someone dead because your hands are cold and you know that you aren't the real host, but you could have easily been, especially when the person who is taking your place for the evening is a very tall boy in a wool sailor suit from Amsterdam (the boy not the suit), talking with a forced American accent and taking pictures of people whether they want them taken or not and when you get enough courage to go upstairs because you know the bar is there as well as the host, you stumble on the stairs because they are made annoyingly short and long and there at the top of the stairs is the host who gives you a big grin and kiss on the cheek and he is cheeky as ever and mentions there is absinthe at the bar, so you go in and meet a harlequin named �Pirouette� and she pours a green liquid into a black and white martini glass and sprinkles sugar into it and pronounces it the very best Czechoslovakian absinthe although you know that most Czechoslovakian absinthe is utter swill but it turns out to actually be very good absinthe, assuming you�ve tasted good absinthe before, and about this time the host comes back in and tells you to be very proud of him because he�s been sitting on a very large piece of flesh recently and you ask him if it was wrapped in wool and he looks at you as if you�re mad and promptly leaves and you make a side comment to someone standing next to you that you�d once introduced the host to his prostrate and that was the reason for the previous conversation and then you notice the time and realize you�ve been there for your full allotment and that you need to make appearances elsewhere so you make your goodbyes and as you are walking down the stairs you trip again because the steps are too long and short and then find Pirouette is taking you home?


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