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Egg-Sucking Zonker Leech (Eyed)

Name Egg-Sucking Zonker Leech (Eyed)
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook Size 2/0 to 2, TMC 7999
Thread Red
Tail Unraveled Pearl Mylar Tubing with Core Fibers
Body Pearl Mylar Tubing with Half of the Core Fibers Left in, Over Lead Wire; Chartreuse Zonker Strip Tied in at Tail and Under Head
Eyes Silver Barbell Eyes
Head Red Ice Chenille

The Egg-Sucking Zonker Leech (Eyed) for Pacific Salmon is really a cross between several flies- The Egg-Sucking Leech, the The Egg-Sucking Bunny Leech, and the Bunny Leech. This is variation of the design uses both the lead weighted hook and the barbell eyes to add weight. The point is, with all of these fly variations for Pacific Salmon in fresh water, some method must be used to get the fly down to where the salmon are, either weighted flies, weighted lines, or a combination of both. Some experimentation is usually in order depending on the water conditions. Heavier flies may be required in faster, deeper water. Have a variety of flies of different weights available or be prepared to use other methods to get your fly down if it appears that you are fishing over the fish.

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