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Bunny Leech

Name Purple Bunny Leech
Category Salmon/Steelhead
Hook Single Salmon; Size 2/0-6
Tail Purple Zonker Strip
Body Purple SLF, Picked Out; Palmered with Purple Zonker Strip
Wing A Few Strands of Flash
Head Danville 6/0 Black

Tie in the thread at the hook bend and secure the zonker strip with approximately 8 mm sticking out as a tail. Whip finish over the tail, but don't cut thread. Dub thread with purple SLF dubbing, and cover hook shank with a thin layer. Pick it out. Wind rabbit zonker strip palmer wise so that hair is backwards (stroke with wet fingers while turning). Tie down at hook eye and cut. Tie in 4 strands of flash same length as entire fly. Form head and varnish. This fly is also tied in black frequently but you can vary the colors to your suiting and experiment with it.




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