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Bill with an imature Coho caught incidentally to Sea-Run Cutthroat Fishing

 William Lovelace

Fish on!Here are some flies that I used on my wonderful first trip to Puget Sound in Ď07 in pursuit of SRCutts with my friend Jason Lundgren. For my inspiration I surfed the net about the Puget Sound Cutthroat and settled on the great book by Les Johnson, Fly-Fishing Coastal Cutthroat, Flies, Techniques, Conservation. Jason of course needed no inspiration being a Fisheries Biologist who has long fished the Sound and ties his own superb flies developed just for the Sound.

Bill's box of Sea-Run Cutthroat and Saltwater flies.I tied up a box of flies that looked good to me from this book and added another box of Clousers, Blondes, and a few other saltwater favorites of mine. Clousers need no introduction for either fresh or saltwater and I took a box with three different sizes in White & Chartreuse, White & Blue, White & Brown and White & Pink. Here are 9 flies or variations from Johnsonís book that I fished and one fly the Schoolie from the East Coast that I thought would be a good sand lance double treat for the South Sound.

Jason releasing a nice SRCWe fished fish long and hard for 2 days in changing conditions and had a great time. The hot flies out of my box were the Knudson Spider and the Fergusonís Green and Silver. We caught a good number of Cutts and juvenile Cohos. I include Popovics Schoolie just for the surprise big one that got away when I set the hook on my 8 weight (that I was trying for a while on the second day) and got the big fish slam & break off by what Jason said was probably a mature Coho instead of the 10-18Ē fish we had been landing. Most people know about Popovics great fly the Surf Candy but I think the Schoolies also deserve some more attention added to our saltwater boxes.

William Lovelace

Sea-Run Cutthroat Flies

Borden SpecialFergusonís Green & SilverJohnsonís Beach FlyKnudsen SpiderSilver Bullet

Reverse Spider Series

Reverse Spider, BlackReverse Spider, ChartreuseReverse Spider, Olive

Salt Water Flies



Clouser Series

Clouser Deep Minnow (Chartreuse) Clouser Deep Minnow (Brown & White)Clouser Deep Minnow (Blue)Clouser Deep Minnow (Pink)


Bill Lovelace at Albany Exposition

Bill Lovelace really needs no introduction to Salmonfly.Net readers. His prolific contributions to the site have now passed the century mark and his eclectic  collection on these pages  make him a valuable resource to the fly-fishing community, in particular those that wish to see a variety of steelhead styles from different regions of the world.

To see all of Bill's flies visit

The Flies of William Lovelace
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