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Stuart and his son with his first salmonStuart Anderson, owner and operator of Adipos Flytying and The Canadian Tube Fly Company has been tying flies for 19 years and fly fishing for 20 years on the beautiful streams, rivers, and saltwater of British Columbia, Alberta, Alaska and Vancouver Island. I am excited that Stuart is sharing some of his flies with us and I am excited that they are mostly tube flies. I have been saying for a long time that we have underestimated the potential of tube flies for Pacific Salmon and Steelhead and welcome tube fly contributors to Salmonfly.Net. More importantly, I have discovered that Stuart Anderson's tube fly website, The Canadian Tube Fly Company has a wealth of information about the materials to use for tube flies, how to tie them, and the supplies you need. Information that has, in the past, been hard to come by. If you are interested at all in tube fly tying, or just want to know more about it, visit his site. You will find everything there that you need to know. Mr. Anderson follows with a short biography in the tradition of Salmonfly.Net Contributing Fly Tyers.

Anderson caught trout I began fishing very early in life. Yearly family vacations to British Columbia began the addiction that soon afflicted me and my four brothers. Nurtured by an extremely patient father, we learned the ins and outs of fishing for pacific salmon in the saltwater. The first few years were shaky, though eventually, we grew in skill and saw more success. Being from the prairies (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) we looked forward all year to summer days on the ocean, usually staring out of a window at minus 30 degrees. Of course we fished a great deal in Alberta too, mostly in foothill lakes and streams for rainbows, brookies, cutthroats, and bull trout. Along with my oldest brother, I picked up my first fly rod at the age of 11.

When I was 12, I naively decided that I could make flies better and cheaper than any of the local fly shops and picked up my first made in India, $10.00 vise. I eventually did get the better part right but as any tier knows the cheaper angle didn't really work out too well.

Stuart's 1984 GMC camper vanAs we worked on our skills and learned the art of casting, many trips were eventually taken to BC, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and the Queen Charlotte Islands. Accommodations were a bit rough (1984 GMC camper van) but the fishing was superb. Steelheading came next and the hobby continued to grow. My university days, though a bit hazy like most former students looking back, are filled with great memories of ditching classes and chasing fish.

I became an "official" commercial fly tyer several years, mostly tying for guides and friends. I (along with my family) eventually took the leap and began two online fly shops. Our original shop Adipos Flytying set the stage for our latest creation, The Canadian Tube Fly Company. We used tubes for years and decided that there was definitely a niche to be filled in the North American market, especially for west coast tube flies and tube fly supplies.

Years before launching our tube fly site I began like most tube tyers, raiding every hardware and hobby supply store for materials. First plastic tubes, then metal, then plastic lined aluminum, brass, and copper came next. Our first few years with tubes included a great deal of hit and miss ideas. With the exception of a handful of great books, there is not a great deal of information published about tube flies. I've shared learned techniques with customers and anyone who has asked, I think sometimes fly fishermen are too often tight lipped about such things.

While developing our tube flies to sell on the site, I was fortunate enough to come across the path of Juri Shumakov. Juri, a complete gentleman, worked with us on several patterns and techniques. We will definitely miss our friend. I was also fortunate enough to have Juri introduce me to Bob Kenly. Bob has also been a good friend and has helped us develop several of our flies. We are constantly E-mailing back and forth about the latest new pattern and, of course, how our hockey teams are doing!

Stuart Anderson

The Flies

Heron Prawn Coho Prawn Sand Lance Black & Gold Halebop Fireweed Teal & Black Flamethrower Silver Prawn Buffalo Chip Wild Rose Articulated Prawn Pink Claret Mallard Spey Chartreuse Peacock Spey

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