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Rainbows on a Bead-Head Wooly Bugger

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(Big Rainbow in Water

This nice rainbow was the biggest of a good day on a local lake. It was one of a dozen that took a size 10 rust-colored bead-head wooly bugger. Fishing this lake was a nice mid-seasons break and a chance to take the little pontoon boat out. SPB

Bead-Head Wooly Bugger

Name Bead-Head Wooly Bugger
Category Trout
Hook Mustad 9672 (3XL), Sizes 10-12 Note: This hook came from one of my old boxes of hooks. The current version of the hook is the  R74-9672
Bead Head 5/32 Gold Bead
Tail Olive Marabou, with couple strands Gray Ghost/Pearl Krystal Flash on each side.
Counter Winding Tie in strand copper ribbing wire (fine) after tail and wind forward after hackle is palmered to reinforce hackle and body
Body Rust Chenille, Small
Hackle Brown hackle tied in behind bead head - wind backward, then forward with the copper rib to secure the hackle. Tie in.
Fishing TipsFish deep with good sinking line (I use Rio Deep 7 on a 5 wt Rod) cast toward shore. Let it sink, retrieve in very short quick pulls, no more than a twist of the hand.

Note: William Lovelace wrote to talk about his #18 O-Spider which was his hot fly as a trailer on one of his recent trips to a favorite river.

This led to a discussion about going small with a trailer fly when the fish are fishing for Summer Steelhead that are finicky.  Bill had mentioned that he fished a trailer for Steelhead sometimes, which led me to remark that  of the most successful combinations we used for Summer Steelhead, on a favorite river in Eastern Washington, was a little nymph  fly called a Dandy Devine fished in tandem behind a Mrs. Black. In all cases, the fish caught were hooked on the nymph. Dennis Dickson's son Mike, sells these flies on his site, if you are interested in purchasing any. We don't sell flies on this site. Mrs. Black, by the way, is a fly I found to be very good for Coho in the fall.

Click on the thumbnail to see Bill's O-Spider and his notes about it.


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