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Salmonfly.Net Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide  In Memory of Scotty Howell In Memory of Yuri Shumakov

May/Jun 09 Issue

Salmonfly.Net Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide

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Featured Article

 Ard Stetts

The Evolution of the Answer

Ard Stetts"This one isn't in your book. You wont find it in your buddies fly wallet either. This style of tie and the materials were the culmination of many years of experimentation with the wild brown trout of Central Pennsylvania's spring creeks."  MORE...

How bout them Kings…

"When a fly fisherman day dreams of Alaska certain images are prevalent in those thoughts. Such things as wild rivers on the edge of the world teeming with willing salmon may be among them. Add in the Alaskan Brown Bear catching fish with ease along the shore line while a bald eagle jealously eyes the bears catch and the image starts to take shape right?"  MORE...

William Lovelace

The Flies of New Zealand - The Kiwi Collection

Bill Lovelace at Albany Exposition"Matuka flies need no introduction to most NW tiers (Maxwell’s Purple Matuka comes to mind.) but they should enjoy reading about the variety of Matukus in New Zealand." William Lovelace's history of those and other New Zealand flies makes the perfect introduction for his new submissions in the The Kiwi Collection - The Flies of New Zealand. MORE...

Mark Willigar

Tying Flies to Catch Fish First

Mark WilligarMark Willigar lives in Northern Nova Scotia and regularly fly-fishes well known rivers like the Margaree and the Philip. In this issue Mark writes about the flies that have brought him success over the years.  You will want to read this article and see that patterns in Tying Flies to Catch Fish First . MORE...


Contributors to the Fly Tyer Series

The Mono Loop Queets River G.P.

Dennis DicksonDennis again gives an account worth reading, this one about how he discovered an Atlantic Salmon fly fly that met the criteria he was looking for to match the suspected food sources of the aggressive wild steelhead of the lower Queets. It just required some special modifications. In this issue he tells the story of its development and gives instructions for tying the fly. MORE...

Contributors to the Fly Tyer Series

Bob Frandsen Flies

Bob Frandsen at his viceInspired by Ard Stetts brief history of the Rangeley style feather wing streamers, Bob pitches in with a half dozen patterns for display in the next issue - four from Carrie Stevens, one Herb Welch, and one of his own. MORE...

Dr. David Burns Originals

Dress Makenzie 

You can never tire of seeing the beautiful original classic Atlantic Salmon flies of Master Fly Tyer,  Dr. David Burns. This latest series tied by the "Idaho Highlander",  for a customer are inspired by the Scottish tartans of his ancestry. MORE...

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