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Salmonfly.Net Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide  In Memory of Scotty Howell In Memory of Yuri Shumakov

Jul/Aug Issue

Salmonfly.Net Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide

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Featured Article

Eric Martin

Flies for Oregon Coast Albacore Tuna

Eric Martin's SardineEvery now and then, we break away from the traditional subjects to talk about flies for a  species other than Salmon or Steelhead. In this article, Eric Martin discusses tying flies for Albacore Tuna and shows many of his original patterns. MORE...

Ard Stetts and The Real Skinny

"Lying in Wait"

Ard Stetts with a Nice Fly Caught SockeyeIn this first installment of the The Real Skinny. Ard Stetts shares the tips, techniques and the flies he uses to increase his success rate fly fishing for wild pacific salmon in Alaska. His hope is that you will find some useful piece of information that will enhance your fishing experience as well. MORE...

Bob Frandsen

Matukas - The Aussie Connection

MatukaInspired by  The Flies of New Zealand - The Kiwi Collection, written by William Lovelace, Bob Frandsen writes this article complete with pictorial evidence, suggesting that it was  an Australian who first bound the wing to the body in the fashion now considered to be standard for Matukas. MORE...

Stevie Munn

Flies and Tips from Stevie Munn with a Special Tribute to Scotty Howell

Stevie Munn and friend on a trip to BC.In this issue, Irish fly tyer and professional guide Stevie Munn commemorates  a   fly to the late Scottie Howell, along with a presentation of other flies, their history, and tips about fishing them. MORE...

Contributors to the Fly Tyer Series

William Lovelace

A Day on Puget Sound, Sea-Run Cutthroat, and Salt Water Flies

Johnson's Beach Fly"A successful 2007 outing  fly fishing for Sea-Run Cutthroat on Puget Sound, convinced Bill Lovelace it was time to prepare for the next. Here he shares the story and some of the flies that he took on the first trip, including the ones that were his "hot flies out of the box". MORE...

Dr. David Burns Originals

Treasure of IdahoWhat would an issue of Salmonfly.Net be like without one or two of the colorful and masterfully tied flies of Dr. David Burns. View this beautiful new original "Treasure of Idaho",  inspired by Ken Sawada's Treasure of Indies. MORE...

Lawrence Finney Irish Flies and Videos

The BallinloughAPGAI-Ireland  fly tying instructor Lawrence Finney continues to be a major contributor despite being busy with numerous engagements. See his new flies and video instructions. MORE...

Sea-Run Cutthroat Flies

Bristol Bay MatukaPartly out of necessity and inspired to action by  by William Lovelace's Sea-Run Cutthroat fly submissions, we have retied and photographed some of those old grotesque flies that were scanned for the original editions of Salmonfly.Net - and added some new ones, of course. MORE...


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