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1) Nostalgia -  Nostalgic Vintage Radio.

2) JIm's Antique Radio Page.

3) Adam's Antique Radio Page.

4) NIxie Tube Clocks,Beautiful!

5) Brazilian Site about Antigue Radios and old radio transmissions.

6) This portal of old Radios is famous in Brasil. Their author, João Mello, falecido em 2000.

7) Museu do Rádio, is a good site about Radio Collections.

8) Rádios Antigos Site (Old Radio Site) Antique Radio Sets and History of Radio in Brasil.

9) Officina do Rádio antigo, old radios repair and more!

10) RadiosAntigos, another Brazilian old radio sets site.

11) Radio History and in this, more radio repair and electronic tube devices.

12 Ari, a Brazilian Radio Collector, their site.

13) Classics, a series of link about old Radios.

14) The  Portal da Radioantiguidade, is a famous Brazilian Portal about Antique radios and History of Radio.

15) I'm one of the authors of these  Wikipedia  (Portoguese language)  about History of  Radio:  "Radio Waves";  "Hertz"; "Marconi"; "Coherer"; "Ruhmkorff"; "Nikola Tesla"; "Landell de Moura", Tesla Coil "; "Karl Braun"; "Radio  Galena"

16) More Pages about  old radio devices, Electronics and Radio: Modern radio Labs , RadioMuseum (Germany), The Valve Page, Vintage Radio Company, ScienceMuseum (England), Blog Makezine , 1632 Site, Make a Radio Site.

17) These are Old Technical Images for adjust, set-up antique Black & White or Colour TS Sets...


Image and Copywrigt of  Celso Júnior's Blog

Um velho rádioreceptor