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The Portal of the Antique Radios, is famous in Brazil, about antique Radios and Radio Transmissions.

In this site, many Radio Frequencies, measures, DX, in Portoguese.

Sarmento Campos have one of the most important DX and Short Wave and Amateur Radio Sites.

Era do Rádio Site

The Antique Wireless Association. Sites about: Electron Tube devices  . This is othe site about Electron Tubes .

Valvolandia is one of more antique vendor of Electronic Tubes in São Paulo, Brasil

Shortwave transmissions, and receiving, modifications in Radio Sets for shortwave.

The International Short-Wave League

Frequencies for receive shortwave, all the world.

Radiomania, an Amateur Radio and DX site

DX, ShortWave, Brazilian Club. This is another Club but International.

Shortwave and Radio Amateur, DX, Blog, and PX Clube dos Idosos, anothet Blog.

Radio Explorer  a software for Listen all the world. Home Page in Russian, but may translated.

This is the list of all the Medium Wave, AM frequencies of the major Brazilian Cities,

This is also interesting: is a Site about Pirate and Free Shortwave Radio Stations (For Free WebRadio and Music see my page about Webradio (in Portoguese).

Good Sites from Amateur Radio Operators: PY2NFE-Ron, PY5SG (Amateur's Radio Museum), PY2GEA , W2DTC (History od Radio), 

More good links are: Amantes do Rádio ,