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Articles about Time Sycronization:

Time adjust in Linux, using ntpdate command; Similar; Using NTPDFile for using NTPD command ; In this link, details about the NTPD command and the files that  it uses.


Brazilian Time servers: (USP, Stratum 2, São Paulo, SP); (Stratum 2, Valinhos, SP);, , (Oficcial Public Brazilian Timeservers, Stratum 1); (PUC, Rio de Janeiro, Stratum 2); (RNP, Brasilia.Stratum 1. other servers in: RNP);, ( Observatório Nacional, Precise standard, Stratum 1); (Pool of  the Official Brazilian Time servers); (South-America Pool of servers). 

STRATUM: Stratum 1 servers are those syncronized directly with the standard clock, for example by GPS. To these, are connected secondary servers (very accurate!). Servers of Stratum 3 and Stratum 4 are in  general internal servers, and are obsolete for regular public acess or use in time syncronization.

You may see all the time servers in the Oficcial Home-Page of the NTP  protocol, and in This page

In windows, is intuitive to Syncronize time, under Linux, use NtpDate ou Better NTPD.