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Antique Radio Sets



Welcome to  my new Pages!

     You may see things about  


                               Chemistry, Alchemy, Computers Electronics, Linux, Windows,

                                       and much more.

                                       Examples: Pipes and History of Chemistry, Lighters, Pipes and Antiques



Pipes and Other Things



The computer image (by Alfiberarts) was taken from the Science Museum, London.

Chemistry and other things

The PICs: in this  Page are:  An Antique "Magic Eye" Electron Tube, An Original's Galena Radio Set, A Brazilian 30s "Capelinha", "Cacique! Antique Radio Set, Red Wallpaper of the Sabayo Linux, Tux, the Linux Penguin, Ruthenocene Molecule and a Console

of an old Tube  based Mainframe.

Sabayon Linux



                                                           The edition of these pages was all carried out under Sabayon Linux and Free Software