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Tardis Tales--The only place to be when you are so very bored as I am...

Anyone out there?

I am also going to say that you should drop by that club page once in a blue moon, just to see what we are doing! Please visit the Tardis Tales Club Page!

Soon, after I get some stuff for this page, this will be a VERY big page, and a very well Trafficed page(hopefully)

PLEASE SIGN THE GUEST BOOK! I will be thankful you did!

I have always based my pages on what other people said that they would like to see on them, except the ones that are all for me! This one is not just for me, it is for any whovian, timelord, or timelady to view and take part in! Send in ANY ideas for this page to:

-The Timelady Stellastrendenlunjendorf

The Doc is a link to my of them at any rate...If you go there, please excuse the muddle...creative dissaray you know...

Well...a story has been started... Yes! We have started on a story entitled:


Chapter 1--By Stella

Chapter 2--By Stella

Chapter 3--By Stella

Chapter 4--By TimeLadyX((thank you for your chapter!))

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