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Chapter 1

By: Ashley Wilson

Sarah had not had this much excitement in years.

It was the first basketball game of the season and a friend had gotten two tickets for it. She seemed to be enjoying herself, even though K-9 had told her not to go out. Still, she seemed to be enjoying herself. The smell of popcorn and hot-dogs had wafted its way from the concession stand and into the bleachers.

"I'll be right back," her friend from work, Jessie Bieyonca, said.

"Oh, do hurry or you'll miss the game," she replied.

Sarah didn't like being alone without anyone she knew, but the strangest feeling had come over her. She felt like she was being watched; not the paranoid kind of feeling, but the sense that someone was watching her and had been for some time.

She looked around the court, looked to see if she could find a familiar face. She saw a peculiar looking man wearing a newspaper-like hat with bumble-bees on it.

"Bumble-bees," she whispered to herself. "The Doctor was so fond of bumble-bees."

She could not tell what his face looked like, because he was wearing a huge pair of dark sunglasses.

But that's not all. He had one of the strangest fashion senses that she had ever seen before in her life! He wore a multicolored jacket of which none of the colors, textures, or patterns seemed to match, a tri-colored vest, and a white shirt. To top it all off, he also had a 4-colored umbrella, even though it was not raining. All of these things made him seem to shout, "Here I am! Here I am!"

He still seemed to be staring strait towards her.

"I'm back with some drinks. Would you like one?" Jessie asked.

Sarah turned towards her.

"Some game, huh? What did I miss?"

"Oh, nothing." She turned towards where the man had been seated.

"Where did he go? He couldn't have just vanished!" Sarah shouted.

"WHO!?!" Jessie demanded to know.

Sarah ran down from the bleachers and out the door. Jessie could not catch up with her.

* * * * *

Sarah was at the parking garage when she spotted something colorful. She went towards it and saw that it was an umbrella. More specifically, HIS umbrella. She picked it up. On the handle, there was a note that read: "OPEN ME"

"I guess I must be following the White Rabbit! Well, I always do what strange umbrellas tell me to do!"

As she opened it, a piece of paper fell out. She picked it up, opened it, and it read:


She pocketed the note and closed the umbrella.

"Why do I always get involved with all these things!?!" she shouted; though no one was there to hear.

* * * * *

Sarah walked to her house and opened the door.

She looked at her watch. "Its 10:30," she reminded herself.

"Hello, Mistress," K-9 greeted her.

Hello, K-9," she replied. "There was something strange tonight at the basketball game, K-9."

"There was an alien presence, Mistress. I feel he has tried to telepathically communicate with you."

"What kind of alien presence?"

"My sensors tell me he is a timelord, Mistress," K-9 replied.

"Do you know who he is, K-9?"

"No, Mistress, but he can become very violent when the time arises. Are you fearful, Mistress?"

"A little bit, K-9. A little bit. I found the umbrella of this timelord and within it was a note. It stated to meet him at midnight on Cherry Tree Lane, beside the Corner Store."

"Take me with you, Mistress."

"Oh, alright K-9. Come along if you must."

And with the timelord's umbrella, they left the house and rushed quickly to their destination.

* * * * *

It was precisely midnight when they got to the cornerstore. The strange man was standing near the lamppost, apparently leaning on something. One of K-9's sensors flashed, and the strange man turned, startled, towards the two of them. No words did he say, but he sprang into action as a sword fighter would. She remembered she had his umbrella and she started fencing with him. He seemed to have the advantage over her and she was giving up. He thrust his utensil towards her chest as though piercing right through her chest.

No pain. No blood.

"Gotcha!" the stranger said into her mind.

It was a retractable pointer thingy that someone would use during a speech in a college or at a meeting. It did not go through her chest, it had retracted back into the handle.

"I have taught you well." The strange thought had protruded into her mind and echoed; trying to find the memory of the Doctor teaching her how to fence.

"Would you rather I talk out loud? Like this?" he asked outloud.

"Yes, I would. Who are you?"

"You know very well WHO I am! I am, I was, I will always be…Myself."

As she looked closer at his face, her eyes got lost in his. They were the same boyish blues that the Doctor had. And as if he could sense her thoughts, he said "YES" in the same awkward manner as before, and as it ricoched through her mind, he took her hand in his, and telepathically told her, "I've come back for you. I need your help."

To be continued…