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Chapter 2

By Ashley Wilson

As she looked closer at his face, her eyes got lost in his. They were the same boyish blues that the Doctor had. And as if he could sense her thoughts, he said "YES" in the same awkward manner as before and as it ricoched through her mind, he took her hand in his, and telepathically told her, "I've come back for you. I need your help."

* * * * *

As they went down the streets with K-9 in the lead, the Doctor said nothing. Soon, they approached the third turn towards an unknown destination (unknown to Sarah because the Doctor had not told her, but she had a feeling that if this was the REAL Doctor, they would be heading for the TARDIS.) A few steps further down the road, Sarah had a suspicion that had unnerved her.

"How do I know that you're REALLY the Doctor?" Sarah asked with a tremble.

"Oh, but you don't, Sarah. I can only convince you and pursuade you into believing that I am. I have no proof, other than this…"

The clownish figure started pulling something out of his coat pocket.

"The Doctor's scarf!" Sarah exclaimed.

"Yes. I left it in the back room and I discovered it just a few days after tomorrow. I would have never thought that THIS would have come in handy again!" Just as quickly as he took it out, he put it back into his coat pocket. He searched through another pocket and pulled something out of it. "Jelly baby?"

"No, thank you."

"Suit yourself," he said as he took one out of the package and popped it into his mouth. He stuck the rest back into his pocket.

This Doctor was a spur of the moment type of Timelord, and the spur of this moment was to skip down the road, holding Sarah's hand, leaving K-9 behind. When K-9 finally caught up to them, the Doctor took out the paper hat that he had been wearing earlier and he sat it down on K-9's head.

"Kindly refrain from such nonsense that involves me, Master," K-9 politely said.

"Sorry, K-9," the Doctor apologized.

A few minutes later they came across a group of young teens. One of them said, "Hey, dude!"

The Doctor started to search through his pockets for something. He threw out a half-eaten apple, a pocket calculator, a stuffed animal of the bear family, and a blue yo-yo. All while he did this, the adolecences stared in awe. He started to go through another pocket.

He pulled out the extremely long scarf, again, looking like a clown. He carefully draped it around Sarah Jane's neck.

He searched through yet ANOTHER pocket. A knife, the jelly babies, and an unused Kleenex. The Doctor said, "Do you mind?" and before the teen could respond, the Doctor put these items in his hands. He grabbed through another, seemingly bottomless pocket, and produced a little light-green colored book, entitled, "The Dictionary or Gallifreyans on Earth."

"Ah! There you are! Always in the last place I look!"

As he flipped through the book, and he mumbled loudly to himself.

"D…d…d…dodo…dog…dud…ah! Here we are! Dude- man who pays…."

K-9 started in. "…too much attention to his clothes; dandy."

"K-9, why didn't you tell me in the first place?!?"

"It didn't occur to me what you were doing, Master," K-9 replied.

The Doctor turned to the group of teens. "Well. If you had any eyes, you would know that I'm not a dude. Besides, that was my third regeneration."

"Whatever, man," the eldest replied, and the group started wandering off. One of them stayed behind and followed the Doctor and his two odd companions down the street and around the corner and into a blue Police Box.

* * * * *

"Oh, I never will get used to this," Sarah sighed. "So, Doctor, where are we off to?"

"I bet our stowaway would like to know the same! Come on out, we won't hurt you. You might be good help for us. Come on, we haven't got all millinium!"

As the youth stuck his head out to peer through one of a near-by closet door, the Doctor motioned him to come over.

"Would you like to help us? What is your name? No, don't tell me. Let me guess. Its Colin, isn't it?"

The youth stared at him with a blank expression on his face.

"Well?" the Doctor asked.

"Ye-es, it is, sir. Who might you be, and where am I?" Colin asked.

"Well, I'm the Doctor, this is Ms. Sarah-Jane Smith, and that is K-9. You are in my TARDIS."

"What is a TARDIS?" Colin asked.

"A TARDIS is a time and space travel unit. TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It is dimensionally transcendental, which allows it to be larger on the inside than the out. Yes, I am an alien on this planet. I am a Timelord. From the planet Gallifrey. Any more questions?"

"That explains the weird name on the dictionary!"

"Yes. I never leave the TARDIS without it. Will you be staying on with us for sometime? Or do you wish to be dropped off in the time stream nearest to yours? I can't get you to your correct time period, so don't ask."

"Oh, I'd really like to stay on with you. I have no real family and I'd probably learn a lot from you."

"Good." The Doctor pressed a few buttons on the console, gave it a good slam, and then he spoke.

"You have your own room now, Colin," the Doctor said. "K-9!"

"Yes, Master?" K-9 replied.

"Please show this young man to his…oh, what is it called…." He started mumbling again. "Pennies, nickels, dimes…Please show this young man to his quarters, K-9."

"Yes, Master," K-9 said and he started off down the corridors with Colin not far behind.

"Now, Doctor," Sarah started. "Where exactly are we headed?"

"Well, I need to get hold of Romana first. Then we can figure out where we're going. She sent me a message to get some help and come get her as soon as possible. I only hope that we don't get there too late!"

* * * * *

As Colin walked through the doors to his room, he thought to himself, "Why do I feel at home here? I wish I knew why. And there is something weird about the Doctor, other than his fashion sense."

To Be Continued…