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The Whovian's Homepage I just wanted to tell you that even though this little page here doesnt hold much right now but I promise it will be MUCH better eventually... the who

Hello all! There ISN'T much to this page, I know this...You know this, so there isn't much else to say now is there? Maybe there is...

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Hurray for Worldwide Whovians!

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A small Introduction...

Time Lords! Fellow Whovians! Lend me your hearing apperatus! It is I, a Time Lady exiled from Gallifrey for commiting crimes such as thing that I don't care to mention. I am going to be traveling with the Doctor in his future, as you have not seen. My name? The Time Lady Stellastrendenlunjendorf! {crack of thunder, bolt of lightning} I have become quite fond of the Doctor in his latest regeneration, but I cannot share that with you at the moment. It is against my principals as a Timelady of high rank to devulge such information to humans such as yourselves. You do not grasp the Gallifreyian concept of past, present, and future. We cannot tell you of it. We cannot speak of it! Lest we get expelled from the Prydonian Acadamy and the such like. -the timelady stellastrendenlunjendorf