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Vibrations-TT#1 Chapter 3 By Ashley Wilson

As Colin walked through the doors to his room, he thought to himself, “Why do I feel at home here? I wish I knew why. And there is something weird about the Doctor, other than his fashion sense.”

* * * * *

“Well, now lets see what we can see. Where shall we look for Romana? Lets try Gallifrey first, her quarters perhaps. Yes. I think so!” the Doctor mumbled to himself while wandering around the console.

“Why doesn’t she ever write the date or place when she writes to me!?!” the Doctor shouted.

“I don’t know, but when we find her, you can ask her,” Sarah said.

“Oh, I will, Sarah.”

* * * * *

Colin was plundering through an oversized closet on one side of the room and found a very awkward looking fawn colored jacket with red piping. He took it off the rack, slipped it off the hanger, and laid it on the bed nearby. He took off his own jacket, and slipped on the new one.

“That’s odd. There seems to be a piece of produce on this jacket, K-9.”

“Affirmative,” K-9 said. “It is a stalk of celery.”

“It’s a little big anyway. Lets see what else is in here…”

As he plundered a little further throughthe closet, he found an old brown jacket. He slipped off the fawn and pulled on the brown.

“Perfect fit.”

He slipped his hands into the two pockets and he then produced a floppy felt hat of which he immeadiatly sat upon his head, a yellow yo-yo of which he slipped onto his finger, and a napkin filled with jelly babies of which he slipped back into his pocket. He then put the fawn jacket back onto its hanger and into the closet.

“Come on, K-9. Lets go see what those other two are doing,” Colin said, walking out of the door with K-9 right behind him.

As Colin stepped into the console room, Sarah and the Doctor just stared.

“So. What do you think?” Colin asked.

Sarah pulled off the scarf from around her neck and put it around Colin’s.

“There,” Sarah said. “This suits you better than it does me. Now you look like him!” She muffled a giggle while she pointed at the Doctor. “You’ve even got the teeth and curls to go with it!”

“What do you mean?” Colin asked, surprised.

“She means that you resemble me from my fourth regeneration. Very, very close, even though I do say so myself!” the Doctor exclaimed.

“The TARDIS seems to have landed, lets take a look round, shall we? Sarah, come with me. Colin, two stay here. Don’t argue with me. You look too much like me. The Timelords might put YOU on trial instead of me. You see, I’m a renagade and, oh, why do you ask so many questions?!? Come on, Sarah.”

The Doctor and Sarah-Jane went out of the door and soon, after the door closed, Colin tried to open it.

“Locked!” He shouted.

"Affirmative, Master," K-9 replied...

To Be Continued...