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My Favorite Voice-Over Actors

"I am an actor. I deserve some simple human respect and the right to be heard."
~Tress MacNeille (actually, it was Babs, but you know...)

Not many people know of the many talented actors who spend their time making cartoons for our enjoyment. This truly is a shame, since there really isn't a difference between Christine Cavanaugh's job and, say, Julia Robert's, yet, since no one sees Ms. Cavanaugh, she doesn't get the same treatment. My goal, however futile it may be, is to make the public aware of its unknown stars.

I could not waste one second of hero worship on people who make voices. I'm real sorry to say that, but it's the absolute truth. That's probably horrible to say, but it's true.
-Charlie Adler on voice acting during an interview with Toon Talk the e-zine.

I'm sorry, Mr. Adler, but some of us can.

Charlie Adler
Carlos Alazraqui
Hank Azaria
Nick Bakay
Michael Bell
Jeff Bennett
Gregg Berger
Dan Castellaneta
Christine Cavanaugh
Jim Cummings
Tim Curry
Grey DeLisle
June Foray
Wendy Hoopes
Tony Jay
Tom Kane
Tom Kenny
Maurice LaMarche
Phil LaMarr
Tress MacNeille
Jason Marsden
Rob Paulsen
Francesca Smith
Kath Soucie
Cree Summer
Frank Welker

I am, in no way, related to any of the characters, actors, or shows mentioned above (I wish!).

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