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Christine Cavanaugh

What do Chuckie Finster, Oblina, Dexter, Gosalyn Mallard, and Babe have in common? They all share the same voice!


Christine Cavanaugh is the incredibly talented woman behind some of TV's best cartoon characters. Her most well known roles are Dexter, the boy genius on Cartoon Network's "Dexter's Laboratory"; Chuckie Finster, the perpetually terrified toddler of Nickelodeon's "Rugrats"; and Babe, the sheep-pig from Universal Picture's "Babe". (Unfortunately, Christine was not Babe in the sequel, "Babe: Pig in the City", for "personal reasons". E.G. Daily, who also provides the voice for Tommy Pickles from "Rugrats", voiced Babe in the sequel.) Christine also lends her voice to such great characters as Gosalyn Mallard (Disney's "Darkwing Duck"), Oblina (Nick's "Aaahh! Real Monsters"), Dumpling (Disney's "101 Dalmatians: The Series"), Marty Sherman (Comedy Central's "The Critic"), Bunnie Rabbot ("Sonic the Hedgehog"), Bamm Bamm ("Cave Kids"), Valerina (Nick's "Brothers Flub"), and many others. She guest starred in two episodes of Nick's "Salute Your Shorts" as Mona Tibbs, was in an episode of the "X-Files" ("Small Potatoes"), was in the movie Soulmates, and has been in many other movies.


I first heard of Ms. Cavanaugh on a Nicksclusive: Behind the Scenes of Aaahh! Real Monsters. She mentioned that she also did the voice of Chuckie. This caught my attention, and I started listening for her, which led to one of my recent hobbies: voice chasing. Thank you for giving me something to spend my spare time doing!


Christine Cavanaugh some how finds time for gardening and occasionally shopping at garage sales. She is also a member of the North Hollywood Playhouse West Theater Company. As far as TV, she has said, "I loved Rhoda, Mary Tyler Moore, Taxi, all those shows," although it is beyond me how she finds time to watch anything. When asked if she ever wanted to be another Rugrat, she told Nickelodeon Magazine that she would most like to be Angelica, because she is the "bad guy"; however, she also said that it is easy for her to play the part of Chuckie because she worries alot (one of Chuckie's most outstanding traits).


According to an informal poll of 12-14 year olds (informal in that I polled only my friends...), despite all of her well-known and loved characters, just over 14% knew who she was. She truly is a remarkable woman who doesn't get half of the credit she deserves.

Ms. Cavanaugh was nominated in 1997 and 1998 for the Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement for Voice Acting by a Female Performer in a Television Production for Dexter.

- Robin

Thanks to the "Unofficial Christine Cavanaugh Page" for the pics and info.

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