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Kath Soucie

Quite possibly the most well known and loved voice actress next to Tress MacNeille and June Foray, Kath Soucie is fantastic.

Ms. Soucie, who is sometimes credited as Kath E. Soucie, Kathy Soucie, or Kath Souci, has an astounding number of credits under her belt. My favorites are Lil, Phil, Morgana MacCabre, Sneezer, Miriam Pataki, and Cadpig. Some of her other roles include Bimbette on Beauty and the Beast, Linka the Planeteer, Mrs. Vitello in most episodes, Marilyn Burman, Sally on the Saturday morning Sonic series, Rolly, Anita Dearly, Daisy on Quack Pack, Nikki on Pepper Anne, Nikkiís mom, Sissy, Janine Melnitz, Betty DeVille, Grandpa Louís girlfriend Morgana, nearly all of the female and baby extras on Rugrats, Lola Bunny, and Fifi LaFume.

Most of her characters are young and naÔve, so she gets to exercise her adorable voice quite a lot. Her best work is the innocent, sweet voice used on Lil and Cadpig. I also really appreciate her Rolly/Phil voice that is nearly as cute and a tad more male.

Itís amazing how diverse her characters are. Miriam is a mopey, depressed monotone, whereas Morgana (both of them) is mature and almost seductive. Phil and Lil are mischievous little cutie pies, but Nikki is quiet and refined. Rolly is lazy and kind of dumb, however Cadpig is adventurous and brilliant (for a Disney Dalmatian).

I first heard her on several shows when I was little, but first saw her name on Rugrats. I became interested in her after seeing that Behind the Scenes of the Rugrats Movie thing and started paying close attention to her. The first connection between two of her characters I made was between Phil and Lil, but the first one that counts for anything was some extra on Rugrats.

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