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  • Bestiary and Spells (Super Famicom version)

  • Evil Eye Figure

  • Bestiary and Spells (Super Famicom version)

  • Master Ninja Figure

  • Lady Stinger Figure

  • Bestiary, NPCs, Spells, Items, and Maps (Colored)

  • Lesser Demon Action Figure

  • Undead Kobold Action Figure

  • Werecraw Figure

  • Antlion Larva Figure

  • Bestiary, Cutscenes, Spells, Items, and Maps (Colored)

  • Papercraft Diorama (Party vs. Maelific)

  • Weretiger Action Figure

  • Black Dragon Figure

  • Caller Figure

  • Lizard Priest Figure

  • Vorpal Bunny Figure

  • Water Well Key Item

  • Chimera Lizard Figure

  • Chimera Toad Action Figure

  • Gold Key Item

  • Guilty Action Figure

  • (Wizardry Empire: Staff of Restoration)
  • Bestiary, Player Character Races/Classes, Spells, Equipment, and Maps

  • Bestiary & NPC Parties

  • Goldfish Swordtail Plush

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    The repeating background graphic is the logo design from the 'Wizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart' Super Famicom video game.

    The midi music playing is the Camp theme from the NES version of Wizardry I: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord.

    This index was last updated on 6/20/16.