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Sometimes the pleas of the unavenged are the worms that feast upon their rotting flesh!

Horrid, worm-infested, undead creatures that can be encountered in ASCII Entertainment's 2000 Wizardry: Dimguil Sony Playstation roleplaying video game. Said title was one of the many Wizardry spinoff games published exclusively in Japan.

The restless spirit of a particularly tormented individual can, on rare occasions, imprint its hatred and anguish onto the worms that tunnel through and devour its mortal husk. Annelids tainted by this necrotic energy quickly grow to prodigious size and proliferate throughout the hollowed body, reanimating the corpse, which then rises as an undead abomination: the Guilty. In the short term, these fiends are driven to exact vengeance on whomever, or whatever, was responsible for the host's demise. Whether or not justice is actually being served by this act is of no importance to the amoral creature--it doesn't matter if the death was deliberate, accidental, or even in self-defense, a Guilty will pursue, and destroy, the killer regardless of the circumstances. However, once that task has been accomplished, the ghost of the deceased loses its influence over the wriggling collective and the Guilty reverts to a much simpler agenda, namely attempting to satisfy the worms' never-ending hunger. A rogue Guilty wanders aimlessly throughout the land, indiscriminately slaying, and devouring, any living thing that has the misfortune of crossing its path. This rampage continues until someone manages to destroy the monster or the decaying corpse simply loses structural integrity and falls apart, releasing the worms back into the soil.

The Guilty have a passion for the art of decapitation and are never encountered without a sharp implement with which to practice. Disturbingly, that same tactic is completely ineffective against them--strike off a Guilty's head, and a slimy worm grows out from the neck stump to replace the lost appendage within seconds.

Look, I said I was sorry about that whole 'using you as bait for fishing' thing, you really didn't have to cut my head off!

Yeah, I can totally see how someone would mistake a flamboyantly-dressed undead worm creature toting around a decapitated head as some random gray-scale anorexic dude.
Skinny Figure
(Unidentified Guilty)
Japanese: Giruti-
Experience Level:
Experience Points:
Skinny Figure
Yatsureta Sugata
# Appearing:
1d1 (1)
Hit Points:
12d2+27 (39-51)
Armor Class:
A: Fist Flurry
May hit 2 times.
3d4+8 (11-20) damage per hit (22-40 maximum damage.)

B: Sickle Slash
May hit 3 times.
2d5+5 (7-15) damage per hit (21-45 maximum damage.)
15% chance of decapitating target.
Special Properties:
  • Undead.

  • Drains 2 experience levels.

  • 70% magic resistance (Priest and Psionic spells.)

  • Resistant to sleep, mania, K.O., and decapitation effects.

  • Materials:
    Cylin-Dar base body, newsprint, tissue paper, wire twist ties, white glue, gloss nail polish, string, and acrylic paint.

    2.2 cm/0.9 in. x 5.0 cm/2.0 in. (widest point x highest point)
    Note: The numbers given assume a neutral standing pose without any accessories attached.

    12 points: Neck, mid-torso, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles. Additionally, the stocking cap on the humanoid head is bendable (or, at least it was...I snapped the wire during the photo shoot and did a quick fix by replacing it with some string from the cuff of my jeans.)

    Two days; November 19 and 20, 2011.
    Note: That only accounts for the time period spent customizing the Cylin-Dar base body into this particular character, not the creation of said body.

    Cylin-Dar design sketches and measurements.  This figure was inspired by the Stikfas Omega body.

    Three unassembled Cylin-Dar figures.

    One finished Cylin-Dar and the pieces to make two more.

    Three finished Cylin-Dars striking a variety of poses.

    Three finished Cylin-Dars striking a variety of poses.

    Three finished Cylin-Dars lying in my hand to give a sense of scale.

    A Cylin-Dar is the process of becoming the Guilty.


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