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This e-book is a collection of short stories written in the style of "The Outer Limits", and "The Twilight Zone." Each story contains some surprises and a touch of human nature. With creative storylines and colorful characters this is an entertaining and thought-provoking collection.


Stories Included in the Collection:


A Breath of Fresh Air --

Jonathan turned the key in a lock made stubborn by disuse, shouldering open the tower door. A wave of stale, musty air rolled out to welcome him, making him cough.

He felt as if an eternity had passed since he had allowed himself any reminder of Karen, locking away her things in a superstitious attempt to banish her memory. Now he hesitated in the doorway like a nervous bridegroom.


MacKenzie’s Rose --

She stood on the edge of the windswept cliff...but again, he did not come. She was tempting  fate. Every day the air was a little brighter, the angry red sun a little closer to bursting over the rim of the world before she would abandon her vigil and seek shelter from its flame. And still--he did not come....


Steel Velvet --

"How badly do you wish it, Carter Dallas?" Her voice hummed with intensity-literally vibrating in her throat.

"More than life," he replied earnestly. "As long as I would have you beside me, I'd do anything you say."

"There is a way."

"What do you mean?"

"If you wish it badly enough, Carter Dallas."


Whine --

I am searching the trailer for a straight pin. In a place this size, with the amount of accumulated stuff crammed into every square inch of would think I could find a straight pin. It's very important. You might say it's a matter of life and death....


Sapphire Eyes Shining --

Cody felt a shiver of delight run through him. It was as if he'd been here before...and there was something here that he was meant to take away. He knew that with unshakable certainty.


Write What You Know --

John slumped down at his desk dejectedly and pulled open the drawer where he kept his rejection slips. He riffled through folders, searching for the correct one, then slipped the envelope behind its marker.

There had to be some way to get around lack of first-hand experience...


A Date with Destiny --

"I'm sorry I killed you."

Rob said the first thing that popped into his head-a bad habit he couldn't seem to shake. "I'm sure I deserved it."


…Met By Moonlight… --

He ducked his head back to his work, stretching over the engine block, and Kelly watched the ripple of muscle under his black t-shirt regretfully. No...things like that did not happen in real life...but oh, how she wished they would....


Grandmother Clause --

Nah, Mac shook his head. Immortality was not for him. The Caretaker had been right. Immortals bore their own curse.

He wasn't about to miss out on the biggest mystery of his life. He wouldn't miss dying for the world.



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