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Latest News

12/23  Miles To-Go  goes live on   ShadowKeep

12/03  The Blood that Binds  becomes available from   NovelBooks, Inc.

12/03  Home By Sunset  goes live on   ShadowKeep

11/16  Drink My Soul...Please  accepted for publication in   The Eternal Night   January Chronicle

11/11  Zombie Invaders from Mars...or Someplace Like That  goes live on   PlanetRelish Ezine   for November/December's issue

11/01  NovelBooks, Ink  premiere newsletter issue (for which I am editor) goes up on NovelBooks website

10/01  Gremlins in the Workplace  moves to archives at The Eternal Night

9/19  THE RIGHT HAND OF VELACHAZ  is accepted for Fall 2002 publication by   LTD Books

9/02  THE BLOOD THAT BINDS  gets a 5 Shadowstars review from  ShadowKeep

9/01  Gremlins in the Workplace  now live at The Eternal Night

9/01  RIEVISIONS  and  DANCING ON THE EDGE  now available from SunnySide Up Pubishing.

8/24  We Must Have Cream For Sunday  accepted by ShadowKeep for publication in February of next year.

8/15  A Spoonful of Sugar  Verge column now live at

8/12  Postcard Desk added to Interviews, Etc. page. Check it out! Tell your friends...

8/10  Susie Snail Saves the Scavenger Hunt chosen for Children's Book Site anthology; Rent Money chosen for Art of Horror's "Black Days" anthology.

8/9    A Spoonful of Sugar  Verge column accepted for reprint on in near future.

8/8    Beauty Within the Briars now live on

8/7    Visit my new listing at

8/6    Poetic Justice published in Electric Wine ezine thru September 30th.

8/4    The Little Girl Who Cried Werewolf appears in Freaky Fright Tales ($1.50 download -- 5 stories in all)

8/3    THE BLOOD THAT BINDS reviewed on The Book Reviewer's Site and in The Eternal Night

8/2    Priming the Proverbial Pumps reprinted for the month of August on Elizabeth Delisi's website

8/1    Riding Off into the Sunrise: A Western Look at Eastern Heroes posted on writtenbyme site

7/31  Beauty Within the Briars accepted for reprint on in near future

7/30  Gremlins in the Workplace accepted by The Eternal Night for September Chronicle

7/24  Miles To-Go and Home By Sunset accepted by ShadowKeep for December publication