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The slumbering camp exploded into chaos as eerie spine-shivering cries ripped the night asunder. Terrified, the boy jerked upright, heart thundering in his ears as his gaze skittered about wildly. Disoriented at being yanked from a sound sleep, the prince clambered to his feet, calling fearfully for his mother. There was no answer.

So opens the prologue for the fantasy adventure novel, The Blood that Binds. As the young elven prince watches in horror, his mother is slain by the evil Norfulk Roderickson. Fleeing for his life, he strikes his head and is knocked unconscious.

The adventures are just beginning for the little prince, Steavil, who is the protagonist of the novel. Cut off from everything and everyone, Steavil's life takes a drastic shift. He is found by the king of a neighboring realm and raised, as Stefan, to be the page of its prince, Roland. Although he remembers nothing before the rescue, Stefan knows something is missing in his life, and he longs for the freedom he once knew....


Look for publication of THE BLOOD THAT BINDS from NovelBooks Inc. coming in December!

and watch for details on the upcoming German translation by Kripgans Books



The Ballads of Blood

Elven Glossary

The People of Blood

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